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Kiyoshi Inui's Answers

Combining 1st and 2nd mortgage for HARP refinance?
Unfortunately you can't consolidate using "HARP". Although there are other temporary government programs that allow you to consolidate your 1st & 2nd mortgage at a high loan to value. It all comes down to the appraisal, but you are very fortunate to have the "HARP"...
VA refinance now that I am on disability
If you're currently in a VA loan then you may utilize your VA streamline to reduce your interest rate. You can finance up to 100% Loan to Value using your VA streamline, and with minimal supporting documents. Also in regards getting a better deal as a disabled vet only refers to the VA Fee (which in...
Will I qualify for the new HARP program?
you want to aim for a credit score 700+ (huge difference in pricing). Currently most lenders are only going to an LTV of 105%, but as of march 2012 125% will not be a problem (HARP 2.0). In the meantime, this should be a perfect time frame for you to work on improving your credit scores to achieve the best rate.
How can I avoid paying PMI on my new home loan?
there is a product available outside the VA (only military) or USDA (only rural/agricultural land) Loans, but the selection is limited. go to (Site for FANNIE MAE foreclosed properties), and see if there are any you're interested in. they offer 5% down for primary & usually...
Can I get a better rate if I refinance my home now?
without any doubt. 30yr fixes are around 3.75-3.99% with no points. Although sometimes it's better option to reduce the term of your current mortgage, but keep the payments similar to what you're paying now. Basically you could aim to save a couple hundred a month, or try to save tens of...
I recently received a notice of default. Can I refinance now?
Unfortunately you probably would not be able to. Usually you receive a notice of default once your at least 3 months behind. Most mortgage programs need a 12 month history of no mortgage late, but there are some that allow one 30 day late within a 12 month time span. Although you may be able to get creative if...
Would e be able to do cash-out using no LTV limit of HARP2?
Unfortunately the HARP program is only Rate & Term, and does not allow cash out. If the money is needed to consolidate credit card debt, you may want to utilize the HARP program first, then call each credit card company, explain to them what kind of financial hardship you're in &...
30 year or 15 year refi
100% that's the best option as long as the $100 increase is not detrimental to your financial position. You can also go with a 20yr fix option if the $100 increase is a tight squeeze, and ff your main objective was to save on your monthly payments. The rate is about .5% higher, but regardless,...
How can we find out if our current loan is Fannie or Freddie? Can Lender411 help?
Use the link below to verify if you're owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.FANNIE = = in mind that your loan would have to be owned by either Fannie or Freddie prior to 6/1/2009 to utilize the HARP program.
Can I refinance my mortgage with out an earned income?
there's definitely room for improvement. depending on the loan amount we can aim for saving monthly, or on overall interest. feel free to contact me to briefly go over your options. 619-822-2407
Not eligible for HARP...any other options?
you're going to have to get creative with this. do you have any cash to buy down, own any other properties or suffer a loss of income? Feel free to give me a call, and we can brainstorm over what option you may have. Kiyoshi 619-822-2407
Can I do a HARP refi even if I had a LPMI late 2011?
Unfortunately you can't, because there's no way to transfer it to the new loan. The best thing to do would be to contact the lender that gave you the LPMI.... if they're still in business.
What kind of credit score do I need to qualify for jumbo financing in the US
mid credit score 700, finance up to 1mill with 20% down mid credit score 720, finance up to 2mill with 20% down mid credit score 640, finance up to 697,500 (san diego county) with 3.5% down
Question about HARP 2
Applying for HARP 2.0 is like applying for a traditional refinance. Your bank is at no advantage, because you loan is technically owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Try getting a quote from your lender, and also from others to be certain you're getting the best deal. Feel free to contact me if...
can I buy a home.
I have any, and every financial service option available. Feel free to contact me anytime to brainstorm over what options you have to better your financial situation. Kiyoshi Toll free: 866-972-3163
Options to refinance an underwater rental property?
Feel free to contact me anytime to briefly go over your options. Kiyoshi Toll free: 866-972-3163
Advice for a future homeowner?
Today's Credit MarketoIn today's financial climate, having a high credit score is more important than ever. Good credit is considered any credit score above 720. oYour credit score not only affects mortgage rates and auto loans, but insurance, utility rates, and free qualifying offers...
Are any of you from CA?
Is it an FHA Loan, or conventional? If it's FHA then the 1.75% is the UFMIP which is an FHA fee, and not a broker fee. If not, then you may request a deduction, or shop around tobe certain the pricing is fair.
FHA waiving waiting period post short sale
the only exception to the FHA waiting period is only if in the case you completed the short sale without any 30 day mortgage lates (which is quite rare).
Can I use foreign income when applying for a mortgage loan?
Foreign Income When the borrower is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien:o Employed in the United States by a foreign corporation, the income maybe used to qualify when documented by a VOE evidencing a two-yearearnings history. The earnings must be in U.S. dollars (or converted toU.S. dollars) and...

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