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I have worked in the mortgage industry for 7 years.  Here at Warshaw Capital, we specialize at giving the best possible rates along with the best possible service.  We do not work banker hours, you can reach me at midnight if you have a question about your loan. 

Here is a list of some of our products

-Up to 96.5% financing on primary residences

- Up to 90% financing on secondary residences

- Up to 75% financing on investment properties

- No Income Check, Verified Assets up 60% financing

- Portfolio Jumbo up to 20 million (aggressive rates)

Amazing Experience
I dealt with Kofi for my Jumbo loan about a 2 years ago. It was a loan that no bank that I went to would bother looking at because I was only self employed for around four months. So after months of an exhaustive search, I was referred to Kofi. When I spoke to him he laid out my options for me. He was EXTREMELY knowledgeable about the business and guidelines for different banks. He was more knowledgeable about the banks than the representatives who worked at them. He ended up finding a bank that would write my loan after I wrote a letter of explanation and sent them my resume. I have never heard of a bank that would want a resume for a refinance, but that is the sort of thing that Kofi and his company can do. They can really work with certain banks to get an exceptions for people that should be qualified.As an ex-attorney for a bank, I am very detail oriented and can be a little bit of a pain with all the questions I ask. However, Kofi patiently, clearly and concisely answered every single question and made me 100% comfortable with the loan process. I called him at 9pm on a weekday and he answered, emailed him a few times after midnight and he replied. It was a pleasure working with him and I still keep in contact with him to date.If you, your friends or family want an honest and knowledgeable broker, go speak to Kofi at WC Financial, you will not be disappointed!
By operat_709_827 on August 9, 2012

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