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Karen Rosenberg is Financial Freedom's Reverse Mortgage Specialist in South Florida serving Boca Raton, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.

( 954) 776-5513

Why should you be a client of Financial Freedom?

As a customer, you'll benefit from the knowledge and experience we've gained as the leader in the Reverse Mortgage industry. Here are some compelling reasons for choosing Financial Freedom.

Size: We're the Nation's Largest Reverse Mortgage Wholesale Lender, having helped tens of thousands of seniors enjoy the benefits of this important financial tool. We are also the Largest Reverse Mortgage Servicer, no one services more Reverse Mortgages nationwide than Financial Freedom.
Focus: It's important to note that Financial Freedom focuses exclusively on the Reverse Mortgage business. We do not sell or promote any insurance or investment products, nor do we offer conventional mortgages. This means we won't try and sell you something else. Our only role is to provide the best customer service information about Reverse Mortgages for you and your family and friends.
Innovation: Our company was instrumental in the development of the Reverse Mortgage concept in the United States back in the late 1980's. We continue to lead the industry with innovative Reverse Mortgage products to help you gain access to a greater portion of your home equity.
Education: Our staff is always available to help you understand the variety of reverse mortgage products available from Financial Freedom and how our products can help free up liquidity. We can provide this educational service via telephone or in-person in the comfort of your home.
Support: We'll provide everything you need to understand Reverse Mortgages, from educational materials and videos, to prompt and friendly service.
You can get answers to all your questions by calling our in-house customer care center or your local Reverse Mortgage Specialist.
Our staff is fully trained in all aspects of the Reverse Mortgage program.

*** Financial Freedom Mission ***

"To enhance the lives of seniors by providing financial security and independence"

Contact: Karen Rosenberg, South Florida's Reverse Mortgage Specialist, serving Boca Raton, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.

(954) 776-5513

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