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Kevin White's Answers

Can i get a refi
You can, no appraisal no income call me at 888-623-3315 for a free evaluationThanksKevin WhiteENG Lending NMLS # 385583
can we get a mortgage loan
Would need to pull credit and see where both potential borrowers credit score is.Call me at 888-623-3315 and we can go over the optionsThanksKevin D. White
i'm looking to refi thru fha streamline, would fico 670 get a good rate?
670 is fine you are looking at about 4.25% on a 30 year fixed with all the closing costs paid, Call me at 888-623-3315 to get startedThanks Kevin WhiteENG LendingNMLS # 358853
can i go conventional at less than 20% down?
Yes please call me at 888-623-3315 to go over optionsThanksKevin WhiteENG Lending888-623-3315
can i refience in house is worth 290000 owe 359000 its fa loan its with owen
If it is an FHA loan value is not an issue on a streamline. Call me at 888-623-3315 to get that lowered into the 3% rangeThanksKevin WhiteENG LendingNMLS # 385583

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