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America Choice Mortgage was founded in 2005. Our company was started out of desire to bring an honest, ethical and educational process to buyers and homeowners. We felt our name was pivotal in supporting not only the "America Dream" of home ownership... we also want to support military families with their home ownership from coast to coast. After experiencing other companies' dishonest and selfish tactics. We knew that the only way we could be certain that our clients were protected was to manage our own company and branch. Leaving a company that attempted to train the bait and switch pitch and pushed negatively amortized loans on homeowners. The Laleh quickly left and started a private company with a new vision. To this day our team has never written a negatively amortized loan and expresses this proudly because when a client is educated they make the right choice.
Laleh is continuing her extraordinarily successful 14 years of experience in the industry as Senior Mortgage Consultant and Purchase Loan Specialist. Expert knowledge includes but not limited to VA mortgages, FHA lending, Conventional / Agency loans, Jumbo loans, Equity Lines, and single premium PMI buyout options. America Choice Mortgage partnered with HomeBenefitIQ to provide a powerhouse of local professionals as a corporate benefit package with a mutual goal to empower and serve the community so we can all reach our "American Dream" together... Because together we are Better!

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