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Funding from two different banks for one house?
If I understand correctly, you are in need of a 2nd mortgage for 9% of the down payment.There are a few local place that still go up to 90% on an Equity Loan. Give me a call and I will try to see what we can get approved. Or go online for an application. (920) 391-4234
Is there a new refinance program to help homeowners with private, non-government bank loans
Your loan situation is difficult, because it doesn't qualify under the "Making Home Affordable" program.We may be able to look at refinancing the first mortgage only, I have had similar clients get approved under certain programs.Feel free to call me (920) 391-4234, or go online...
Can I find a lender to give me a loan refi at 87% without PIM?
Yes you can get the loan your after. We can go up to 87% of the value with no monthly PMI added to your payment. The interest rate gets adjusted, but you can still see the savings your looking for. I would be happy to get you an estimate and review your credit scores.Call me at (920) 391-4234 in Green Bay or go...
looking for home loan after a bankrupcty. discharged in may of 2012
Buy it on a RENT to OWN or land contract until you can get financing on your own.
How long should a refinance take in this current low interest market?
15 to 30 days....give me a call and if it is spped your looking for. I can help!Sean Wright920-391-4234
I am looking for a local wisconsin broker/lender to take a look at my report and let me know how to increase my score.
Sean Wright at Landmark Mortgage Lending LLC, in Green Bay (920) 391-4234. Lots of good ideas to assist you and get your scores higher.
I am trying to refi in SE WI and under water. Please help
I always like to think there is a way to help a good client like yourself. If your interested in a local lender, feel free to do an online application at can also check - to see if your loan is registered on FNMA. Good luck.
What type of loan can I get for a property on 40.08 acres?
There are lenders doing this type of financing, as long as the house value can carry the majority of the purcahse price. Call me if you need some assistance (920) 391-4234 or go online for an application (
Looking to buy in Wisconsin, my score is 615 and my wife's is 640.
Certainly some options for you to become a new home owner.You should call and obtain a pre-approval. That way you are confident your financing will be approved and you will also know what price range to begin your search.Sounds like your credit scores are moving in the right direction, I would be willing...
possible to get VA loan while in reserves?
Sounds like your getting close to buying a home. Most of the responses are correct and I would love to assist.I handle the state of Wisconsin including the Oshkosh area.My office is in Green Bay but we can submit, process, and close your loan without you having to step foot in the office.Call or go on line for...
626 and 640 Milwaukee 1st Home
I do cover the state of Wisconsin and have clients in Milwaukee.Looks like you are on your way to buying a new home. I would be happy to assist you along the way. The responses are correct we will need some more information to obtain an approval. Based on the limited info you posted, I can tell you I have done...
Do not quallify for HARP, 130% LTV,can i still get loan,with little money down?
If your current loan is not eligible to refinance under the HARP guidelines, then the LTV will be maxed out at 95%-100%.Feel free to give me a call as I may have a few other ideas to get your mortgage back to where it should be. Click on my logo or go online for an application and I will call you.
could i qualify with a 640 fico for fha
640 credit should get you a new FHA home loan. Like most replies, it is just the start. You need to speak to a local mortgage professional and get a complete pre-approval. Only then will you know what you can afford.My office is in Green Bay and I would love to get you started on your home search.Click my link and...
Can one of you dear lenders help me with criteria for va approved condos
Condos require a added step in the mortgage process as the total project and association need to meet certain requirements. The list is long and the process can take some time for a lender to approve a new association.Some projects are already approved by HUD and the VA usually will honor those...
could i go zero down for VA with a 620 credit score?>
Sure can! As long as you qualify, most lenders are OK with a 620 score.If I can help get you a pre-approval please use the link to the left, and call, or apply online.
best loan scenario for bad credit?
Lets see if we can get to work on your scores. I would be happy to discuss ways to improve your credit rating.580 is the bottom for a few select lenders, would like to see a plan in place for getting back on track, and fixing the original cause for the low scores.Call me at (920) 391-4234 Sean Wright Landmark...
Why do they use the lower co borrower credit scorwe?
The federal agencies that oversee mortgages, like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, require lenders making conventional loans to focus on the lower of the two FICO scores. It all has to do with the risk. The lower the score, the higher the risk. Usually it is the lenders that will price the rate, or fees higher...
Mortgage on a rental property
I can do a smaller loan if you still need assistance. Call me to go over the details, or click my link and you can do an application online.I just completed a similar mortgage for a client and the loan was only $39,000. There is not a lot of $$$ in this type of transaction, so some lenders won't be interested.
is there a minimum equity amount needed for a cash-out?
85% of the appraised value on an FHA loan. I may have some other options up to 90% of the value if needed.I'm in Green Bay if you want to talk further, or submit an application online.Sean Wright (920) 391-4234
If the house you are renting is about to go into foreclosure can you try to buy it?
Now might be the perfect time to try and buy the home. Only way to find out if you qualify is to apply. If not now, maybe we could begin the process for getting your credit, down payment, debts in line for a purchase later on before the foreclosure process is nearing.I'm in Green Bay and would be happy to assist.

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