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need a jumbo loan but also VA eligible
now VA only goes to $417,000 but with 10% down we could get either a conventional loan with PMI or no PMI or an FHA loan. up to $500,000 we can do a high balance loan over $417,000 for the VA for you too, they are just tougher on the property itself.let me know which way you were thinking and I can send you all...
How do I take advantange of the Harp when I'm stuck in a code 64?
Call me I can help as its a paid charge off/ foreclosure so if it was a foreclosure instead we can overcome that and if its been at least 3 years since the foreclosure we can help and make this happen for you.
Need help for a borrower
Call me as we can help as my private investors do a lot of creative things. send me more info and perhaps we can make it work for you let me know price, down payment, location etc, email to me for more info and a quote for your client, thanks
If I had a previous FHA loan can I get another one
yes you can as long as you pay off the one you had as cant have 2 of them at the same time, what are you seeking to do? let me knowcall me and I can get you going and closed within 21 days! and the best rates in town!
Using equity to purchase second house?
The best way is to do a conventional cash out loan to get the cash to buy the 2nd home, plus you secure the lowest rate on your primary house with the most benefit financially. I would be happy to assist you as I am a Calif based lender with over 23 years in the industry. Any questions or to start up let me know I...
How do student loans impact my qualifications for a conventional home loan if any?
I AM A CALIF BASED BROKER WITH 23+ YEARS EXPERIENCE!It actually depends as we have programs that if deferred, will not count the payment and in some cases just a $10 hit to your income vs debt ratio. Tell me more as I would like to help you in anyway we can. Talk to you soon 408-892-3523
What is the difference between an Origination "Charge" and "Origination "Fee"?
They are basically the same as the origination charge is the total of points and any processing or underwriting fees. The origination fee is just the points if any or the lenders compensationI would be happy to review your papers as we offer some of the BEST RATES and programs anywhere and have been in...
I want to refinance my 80/20 into another 80/20. Is this an option, or do I have to refinance into a 30 year fixed rate?
depending on location there are some high Loan to value programs, that can go as high as 96.5% and some we have might go to 100% as well, or we can leave the 2nd alone and do the 1st, anyway, give me more specifics and Ill see what we can do for you. We have 32 years of experience in the industry. Lighthouse...
How much equity is needed to refinance a 4-plex that I own as a rental property?
We can do up to $417,000 rate and term up to 80%+ in some cases and 75% in other cases, depending on the file itself, email me back or call me at 408-892-3523 for more information. Thanks
Change in income guarantee, looking for jumbo loan in CA
should be doable with your FICO score and income unless you have a ton of debts etc since that $160k would qualify. Let me know as most investors can go to 75% up to $1,000,000, I do have a 2nd source who can do it too. 916-434-8915
I am looking for refinance my current loan, Can I choose which title company I use? The quote they gave me is a little high compared to some others I have seen.
We have very low estimates and some fees are fixed and others are negotiable, tell em more as to what loan size etc and I can tell you our fees
I bought a home with my husband and will be getting a divorce soon. Can I get a new loan if my name is still on the previous one?
Normally they would hit you for both payments but if you have a separation agreement or action in force whereby its all his responsibility then we might be ok.let me know as would love to assist you
My interest rate is 6.63% but FICO is 698 due to debt. Should I pay down my debt before I refinance?
No need, we can do a cash out loan and pay the dent off, or if your income is enough to handle it, we can sometime go up to 50% of your gross income on total debts, depending on your FICO score. Let me know, is this in California>?
Mortgages rates
what kind of loan are you seeking?
Looking to buy a home in Rancho Santa Fe
I am a 35 year mortgage company and can definitely do this for you under some modified terms. Give me and email or call and I am local to California too and would be happy to assist you. I can be reached at 408-892-3523 http//:lighthousemortgageco.comLarry Goodrow NMLS 226984 BRE#00845659
What is the benefit of being a first time home buyer?
In some cases you can get a lower down payment depending on your FICO score and income level. There isnt much rate advantage as you are subject to the same rates and terms. The exception is that you must take a short online home counseling program otherwise it is pretty similar. Call me to discuss your...
Title seasoning for a Fannie Mae refinance.
it depends how long has she lived there with you? if its Fannie Mae it tougher but I could go FHA and get the ash out to pay the HELOC, regardless if she was on title before or not we can use herlet me know

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