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Leigh McMahon's Answers

Can I get VA loan 3 years out of military
Yes, I am also a VA Military Specialist and we are a Direct Lender to the VA and I have prepared this presentation specifically to address your questionsif you copy and paste the link below, it will show you videos on the mortgage/home buying experience as well as an Application Checklist with the...
What is the typical interest rate on mortgae for 650 credit score at the current time?
Hi Byron,There are a number of Factors that help determine the interest rate with a FICO of 650 but the interest rates are very competitive and fair. Depending on the type of Loan and Down Payment effects the rates greatly but shooting from the hip you are looking at a rate in the middle 4% for...
What mortgage interest rate woudl be appropriate for a credit score of 718
Hi Sandy,There are many factors to determine what your interest rate will be with a Credit Score is at 718. Also, if you are pulling the Score with a FICO or Advantage Score which have completely Score Ranges.However, I understand when you are just starting the Search and want generalization too and...
When do the new FHA premiums go into effect?
They went into effect today the 26th and Yes, the Mortgage Insurance Rate has dropped a half of a percent. Feel free to reach me to go over your Goals and answer any additional questions.
I have an underwriter asking to see my 17 year old divorce decree to see if any debt exists?
Yes, that is very however I understand your frustration. With a Full Documentation Loan everything is documented to show there is no additional debt that has not been disclosed.
Fannie Mae Home Ready Mortgage
Hi,You can add as many people as you want on the income for the loan, especially if you will all be in same household. If moving to San Francisco Bay Cap for High Balance is $636,150.00 however you always exceed beyond that & can be a "JUMBO Loan" and Lenders start at 5% Down

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