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Len Herbert's Answers

Are there any loan programs that do not require escrow?
Usually a borrower is not required to develop an escrow account for taxes and insurance with a conventional loan and a 20% or more down payment. Have you spoke to anyone in regard to your specific scenario? Why don't you want to have your taxes and insurance paid through your mortgage payment?
whats the max i can borrow on a va loan with 731 credit?
That's a good question but in order to provide you with the proper answer I would need to know what you income and liabilities are. If you'd like me to help you determine what you can qualify for please call me at 732-684-5771.Thank you and have a great day.
Can I still qualify for a mortgage if I have to go on unemployment briefly?
Good morning Kristi. Collecting unemployment will not hurt your chances of obtaining a loan however, you and your fiance will need to qualify for the loan based on your income assets, and credit and your new part time employment may not be able to be used to help you qualify. If you'd like to have a...
can i get a VA streamline refi even though my current mortgage is FHA?
Good question. The answer is no though. You cannot get into a VA interest rate reduction loan if your current loan is an FHA loan. However, if your wife is now eligible for a VA loan, you should be able to refinance out of your current FHA loan into a VA loan. That could very well make sense because you will no...
how fast are prequals?
Some prequals are more difficult than others depending upon the criteria of the applicant but in general, yes I can provide a prequal letter to you within the same day.
whats better for me to refinance? lowering rate
Hello. A better option would be just to go with a conventional loan because you can then stop paying the mortgage insurance.

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