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Hello Lender 411 Community,

I work for the number one Jumbo loan producer in the Greater Houston, Texas market. I work for any client in need of professional lending services but my niche markets are First Time Home Buyers, Foreign Nationals, Doctors, Medical Residents, Dentists, Attorneys and CPAs.

First Time Home Buyer Program: Offers true first time home buyers and persons who have not owned a home in the past three years the opportunity to purchase a new home with only 5% down. We waive mortgage insurance, lender origination, lender fees and your first three months of mortgage payments are waived as well. Helping you save lots of cash. Loan amounts up to $417,000.

Foreign National Program: Foreign Nationals living abroad or in the U.S. can take advantage of this program. This program extends to refinances as well. Minimum down payment from 20%-25%.

Professional Mortgage Program: Offered to Doctors, Medical Residents, Dentists, Attorneys and CPAs. This program requires only 5% down up to 1 million dollar loan amounts. Over 1 million dollar loan amounts can be included under this program but require additional down payment. Student loans in a 12+ month deferment are not calculated in any ratios. Offer letters can be used as verification of income. As long as the first mortgage payment falls after the first pay date for the new contract. No need to wait two years to qualify for a mortgage after your residency or college graduation. This program extends to refinances as well as construction lending with additional requirements and down payment.

One-Time Construction Financing Program: This is a true one-time close methodology. Approval for interim construction financing and permanent financing are obtained in one 30-45 day close period. Construction time frames available for as long as 24 months or more. 15 yr, 30 yr and Libor ARM terms available under this program.

Home Improvement/Home Equity/Cash-Out Programs: Take advantage of low rates and obtain financing to build the pool you always wanted, landscaping, outdoor kitchen, kitchen remodel and any other home improvement you want with our unique home improvement loan. We offer 50%-80% add-back value to your appraised value and up to 90% CLTV. Home Equity Loans/Lines as well as Cash-Out loans available under state specific guidelines.

Example: Home Renovation Costs $100,000 (Add-Back Value: $80,000). Current Appraised Value $400,000 + $80,000 = $480,000 (New Home Value). $480,000 X 90% = $432,000 - $332,000 (Current Mortgage Balance) = $100,000 (Available Equity)

Lee Harris

BBVA Compass

By lindsa_470_749 on March 23, 2013

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