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I started Liberty Home Funding in the fall of 1998 after working nearly 6 years in management for a couple of major banks. After working for major corporations and determining that I generally didn't like the experience that the customer was enduring, at the same time being convinced that I could do it better, I started my own company. Early on I decided that I wanted to focus on financing co-op apartments.

Over the last 10 years, nearly 80% of our loans have been for individual co-op apartments. We consistently seek out new lenders that we can represent in an effort to ensure that our borrowers have access to low rates and low closing costs. In addition, we try to represent many banks so that in the event that one bank has an issue with the co-op, we can switch our borrowers to a lender that may evaluate the building differently. All too often the same guidelines can be interpreted differently by different lenders, so it's not uncommon to see a building denied by one lender, yet approved by another.

Our team of processors and loan officers specialize in evaluating co-ops and we will make every effort to ask you to provide ALL the necessary information at the point that you apply for your mortgage. We don't charge junk fees and more often than not, our fee is paid directly by the lender, not the consumer. We want the borrower's experience to be superior, not just satisfactory, and I hope that you will consider using us for your transaction.

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