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Aslam ( Sonny) Mansoor Amlani's Answers

What the typical down payment requirement for an investment property?
Home Path 10% down , No Appraisal and No Mortgage InsuranceConventional 20% downfor best rate Conventional 25% down
can i change my VA mortgage to conventional?
Yes as long as you can Qualify for Conventional Loan based Income , Assets and Credit Texas based Lender Liberty Home Mortgage 972 466 2554 Toll Free 866 374 4427Aslam ( Sonny ) Mansoor
Whats the lowest amount you can put down when buying a home?
Conventional 1% down2% gift97 % Loan amount Credit score must be 700 plusFHA 580 and above 3.5% down.
Looking to buy a home but running into problems...
Question do you fill income tax returns with foreign Income ?Please call me to discuss your Scenario 972 466 2551
Are there no income verification loans?
YES : If you are self employed and 680 Fico 20% down plus closing cost, yes we can do Non QM loan for Self employed Borrower ( No Tax Returns required )ThanksAslam Mansoor972 466 2551
If I have 7 payments left on my car will that count towards my DTI?
Answer to your question is NOif you have any Question please call me at 972 466 2551Aslam MansoorLiberty Home Mortgage
First time home buyer
I all depends on DU/ LP, I have seen approval at 49.9% DTI.Any Question please call me at 972 466 2551ThanksAslam MansoorLiberty Home Mortgage

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