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Linda Wintersteen's Answers

I got an Adjustable Rate Mortage (ARM) on my house a year ago. Did I screw up?
also you need to see when the loan with adjust . Is it a 3 yr, 5 yr , 7 yr? and what type of adjustment. Your can look at your security note, and it will explain most of the adjustments to you..
2 single individuals - Qualify for FHA?
Yes, you can get financing thru FHA, AND i am also a direct fannie mae lender, for HomePath financing, and it is 3% down, no appraisal, and fannie mae pays most of the closing costs.. and 2% of the 3% can be gifted funds.. thanks linda , your motg
Can we refinace a loan in fathers name even though he just passed away?
if you have a probate lawyer, they can help you.. the house can not be forclosed on if it is in a trust if your attorney will work for you.. If you need to short sale,the house , i have a referral source for you. I have been the personal representive of my parents estate, as well as the power of attorney for the last...
HomePath down payment requirements
i am a fannie mae direct lender i have been doing homepath loans for over 3 yrs.. out of the 3% , 2% can 1% of your own funds, seasoned in your bank account for 60 days, or i can use your tax refund, no seasoning , or out of your 401k.. You need to have 660 fico score, and active trade lines for over 2 yrs call me at...
Need Advice on ARM
i have been in this business for over 23 years. It all depends on your fico score, and no one can predict what will be in store in 3 yrs.. If it was up to me, I would choose the 30 fixed loan option. And it all depends how your first loan is set up, sometimes a construction loan, has a one step close, and some are a 2...
I have a question about fees?
first of all, what loan size are you doing? also, most lenders do not charge a application fee. underwriting fee should be between $$250 ad $400 . call me at 602-330-1598 i have been a compliance officer as well as a orginator... linda
Can a FICO score of 600 buy really anything these days?
yes i still can do loans at 600 score, as long as there are some good trade lines that are active
lot loan
hopefully you are looking at $65k and not 65 M IT depends on your credit , I can loan up to $250,000 without any appraisals,or income I can fund within 2 -3 weeks .. after 32 years in this industry, I have some good funding connections ..
Pre-Qualified for Loan, 20% down, in escrow, then lost employment, Can I still buy Home.?
A pre-qualifed loan application is not the same as a approval. You will need to get a position with the same line of work that you were currently in, and will need to get one month of paystubs, and if you can get a job acceptance letter, that also helps showing your new start date of employment.. If you nee ...
Being self employed affect mortgage application?
NO, there will not be a difference on the rates. All I need to vertify is your self employment for a 2 yr history, thru your tax returns.. I have 24 yrs into this industry, so I can usually get everyone qualified . A lot of mortage loan officers will shy away from tax returns, self employment , since they are hard...
i have a very good contact in kansas, he is better than most real estate lawyers.. if you need situations with your house .. if you are making SSD income , there is a way that helps you with the income factor please email me at
what is flip?
things have changed on the rules of FHA since Oct 1. I do not know what your purchase contract stated regarding the 2%. if you want , you can email it to me at
Should I refinance?
It will depend on your credit and value of your home. Right now , rates are down about 4% and under. A .25% rate deduction that you are quoted is probably not enough to make a difference even with the 15 yr terms.. Please email me your fico number and the approx value of your home to
Is consolidation a must right now?
YES, it would benefit you to consolidate both of your loans. Rates are at the lowest right now , way under 4%. With your credit scores, and income, it would make sense for you.. It is a very good idea to get rid of your second, because of some of the things that can happen in the future., and i do not want to scare or...
Bankrupt but in Forclosure please explain
If you surrendered your house and not affirmed it in the bk, the bank owns and took back your house , and resold it .. Since the forclosure was dismissed, what you are told, is because of the bk, they can not forclose on you, but you surrrendered your house . Did your attorney tell you to surrender???? please...
Need a 100% refinance in Las Vegas for $400,000.00
are either of you a veteran???? miltary??? I do have some products that will allow me to loan up to 105%, some times up to 125%. What is your current rate now , and do you have one or two loans ??? YES , there has been a lot of changes, and most did not benifit anyone.. my email is
Will mortgage rates continue to go down?
IT ALL depends on what rate you are at now .. Do you have a fixed, or a arm?? since you have equity in your home, you would be wise to refi into a low fixed rate.. I have over 24 yrs experience in the mortgage industry, and yes , rates are low right now , but they are creeping up slowing.. You use to be able to watch the...
When can I get another mortgage?
If you bk was handled properly, you would have been relieved thru the debt on your mortgage so the forclosure would not be on you check back with your attorney, i work with numerous attorneys and cantact me thru my email
can anyone beat this?
i just quoted 5.00% today depends om the loan size
was it ever recorded??

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