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I am a Bay Area BUYER'S ONLY Real Estate Agent who can also help buyers or borrowers looking to refinance or fund their purchase find the best rates around. Our rates very competitive and If you don't qualify with any of our lenders I will find other lenders for you.

I am always willing to help those who seek hard to close loans. Here is a list of loan scenarios that we have been able to help others overcome.

  • Max Cash Out amount up to $800,000 or more (case by case basis)
  • FHA minimum FICO 560
  • Super Jumbo High Balance Loan Amounts for LTV up 90%
  • No Landlord History Needed to Use Rental Income
  • Cash Out Refinance on Investment Properties
  • First-time Homebuyer Can Purchase Investment Property
  • No Minimum Tradelines or Length of Credit History Required LTV is 80% or less
  • Flexible Condo Guidelines (case by case basis)
  • Less than 2 year self employment history is acceptable
  • Non permitted rooms allowed with bathroom and/or kitchen; 2nd floor extensions allowed; sun rooms

Questions, Rate Quotes, Loan & Lender Finder...I'm here to help!

Very Determined Agent
Linda Chu is a great agent to have on your side. She will make sure your loan gets approved and funded. She fought hard to get our loan approved!
By whizbu_126_138 on October 26, 2012

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