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Lisa Rice's Answers

Loan In Oregon? $92000 income, 760 fico, 20% down
CHarlotte - Thanks for the inquiry. Is this for a residential home, construction or commercial building? Thanks! Lisa Rice
I would like to refinance my commercial real estate loan (5 units). I owe $197,000. The property is worth about $535,000. I'm looking for a ten or fifteen year fixed. Thank you.
Robert, I am a private lender with low rates and quick turn around times. I would be happy to help you refinance. You can reach me at Cell(541) 974-3472 office (541) 928-2500 or via email at I look forward to hearing from you. Lisa Rice
Who can help with a 6 unit property which is also my primary residence? I am located in Oregon
Please give me a call so that I can give you different options. Lisa Rice (541) 928-2500.

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