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Bill Cook's Blog

FHA and VA Occupancy
Updated Oct. 24, 2014
FHA and VA OccupancyA essential feature for some military households when taking into account a VA mortgage or an FHA mortgage is requirement of occupancy. This is usually the case for conventional loans as well when it comes to rates.. While VA mortgage rules declare that solely the borrower or the husband or wife...
Does the Neighborhood Win or The Appraiser When Buyers Pay Over the Asking Price?
Updated Jan. 13, 2018
In this over-heated seller's market should successful buyers who get a 90% financing on a home that on the contract says $550,000 yet it appraises at only $500,000 get a break on mortgage insurance?. Of course the lender will go by the lower of either the appraised value or sales contract to avoid any problems....
FHA Loans are Still Good Deals
Updated Jan. 13, 2018
While nobody is going to argue that FHA home loans have become more expensive in 2017, FHA mortgages still have an edge over conventional loans in a number of areas. From the get-go, an aspect in favor of FHA loans is that they are assumable. This is a great selling point whenever you decide to put your home (or 2 to...

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