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Linda Thompson's Answers

I purchase my home in December of 2009 do I qualify for the harp 2
Although you do not qualify for the HARP program, there are other options for you. I have refinanced many of my "upside down" borrowers into other loan programs. Give me a call, so we can discuss.Linda
How long do I have to wait before I can refinance a FHA Streamline 203k loan?
You can theoretically refinance right away, assuming you have equity, however, it may be hard to find a lender that would do the loan. I would wait 6 months to be safe.I do loans all the time in Marin, give me a call if you want to discuss. 510-332-3282. May home office is in San Rafael. Linda
is there a minimum income requirement for obtaining a jumbo loan?
I am located in California - give me a call and I'd be happy to go over your numbers with you.Linda Thompson 510-332-3282
pre-approved for mortgage
Hi, I am located in northern California (Bay area). Please give me a call regarding your financing. I can get you pre-approved with a lender in the same day.510-332-3282 Linda
Can we refinance real property with two manufactured homes on it?
Please give me a call - I can do this deal. 510-332-3282
What are some ways of paying closing costs?
Hi Allen,All of the replies are correct. Now a days, with interest rates being so attractive, I've been covering most closing costs with lender credit $. I'm local to you, give me a callLinda 510-332-3282
can i adjust my mortgage terms without going through a refi?
the only way to do this is through a modification by lender or refi. Your 15 year rate was priced on a 15 year term (usually a lower rate). There is no upside for a lender to extend this with your lower rate.
Bad credit who loans money on deeds to property
"bad" is a relative term. It depends on your score... and yes FHA is more "forgiving" of credit scores... I have many programs. I'm in California, call me to discussLinda 510-332-3282
my fico score is 680
Alex, You could qualify with a 680 score... of course, more information is needed. Give me a call, I'm in California,Linda 510-332-3282
will a construction loan cover the cost of the land and building the home?
Give me a call. I do land and construction loans. 510-332-3282. Linda
Hi, I am a loan agent in California. Please give me a call so we can discuss your situation....Linda 510-332-3282
Commercial Real Estate
Hi Marilyn,I am located in California also. Give me a call so I can get more information and we can discuss options...Linda 510-332-3282
Can you join your first and second loan into a harp loan?
HI Peter,I am a loan agent local to you.... give me a call I we can come up with several options.... however, everyone is correct - you cannot combine HARP into 1 loan.Linda 510-332-3282
how much would my house have to appraise at for a reverse mortgage when I ow 247,000.00
Hi,62 yrs. is the "qualification" age. However, you may be eligible for a straight refinance taking cash out....give me a call so we can discuss, I'm local to you 510-332-3282.Linda
Does age matter to purchase a mortgage loan?
It is illegal to discriminate based on age, however, you must be at least 18 years old...I'm in California also, give me a call and we can discuss 510-332-3282Linda
I am the guardian of my grandson, who lives with me but I want a reverse mortgage
I can help you with your reverse mortgage. I'm located in the bay area in CA. Give me a call 510-332-3282.Linda
3% down payment loan
Hi Robert,I see you had several addition ... FHA is not as credit score driven as other loans. It does have a funding fee and monthly insurance, however, the rates are super low. I'm also in California. Give me a call if you'd like to map out a plan.Linda 510-332-3282
Can I borrow money from bank for down payment fha loan?
Hi James,There are ways to do this....I do quite a few FHA loans. I am in California as well. Give me a call and we can discuss your options.Linda 510-332-3282
any lender who will lend on a property that has foundation issues ?
Hi Nicole,I have several loans that would help with this issue. You can include the cost of renovating/fixing the foundation issues in the loan. There are several ways to do this. I am also in California. Give me a call and we can discuss your options.Linda 510-332-3282

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