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Our mortgage loan approval system is designed to get you an answer quickly.

When you apply for a home loan through Premier Mortgage Resources, you are getting the support from a complete operations staff plus the efficiency of our exclusive FastTrac Loan Approval System. With FastTrac, your loan goes right into our underwriting system for an approval, often before a property is even identified. You and your Realtor know your exact buying power with monthly payment and purchase price.

Lorne's approach:

CARE -- The mortgage landscape is ever changing. We are current in industry knowledge and passionate about guiding you along the way.

COMMUNICATION -- The pursuit of home financing may happen outside business hours. We are fully equipped and proactive online, on the go, and in person.

CLOSE -- The goal is to close your loan so you can move forward and enjoy. We are focused on the details and know how to get you there.

Professional Engineer and Mechanical Engineer at Key Technology, Inc.
My wife and I were referred to Lorne a year and a half ago when we were looking into refinancing our house. He did an outstanding job and made the process very smooth. His estimates are conservative so at closing we actually came away with more money than we had expected and we were extremely happy with the way he put the deal together. This year we sold our house and went back to Lorne for financing on our new home. We have four children so pulling together simultaneous closings on the house we were selling and the one we were buying was pretty important so we could be in transition as short a time as possible. On the day we were signing papers to sell our house, we ran into a bit of a snag. Of course, the new house was contingent on the old house's sale so as we were waiting to sign papers, Lorne was on the phone with mortgage companies, both Title companies, Realtors, and underwriters to coordinate everything. As promised, he worked his magic and both deals closed.Lorne has gone beyond our expectations both times he has put financing together for us. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the Walla Walla area who is considering refinancing or purchasing a new home. Thanks Lorne! Outstanding work (x2) !!!
By seangc_852_737 on January 20, 2013
Real Estate Broker, Walla Walla's Fly Fishing Realtor
I have worked with Lorne on several real estate transactions and he has been great to work with. Communicates with you and keeps you appraised of what is happening with a loan and the time frames etc. necessary to make things work well.
By tcraig_226_734 on January 3, 2013
Real Estate Broker
Lorne has done a superb job with our clients. The lines of communication are always open so we are always in the loop. Keep up the good work!
By roger_599_905 on January 3, 2013
I have closed several transactions with Lorne. His knowledge of the loan process and his communication make him one of the best! Whether you are purchasing a home or refinancing, if you work with Lorne, you won't be disappointed. Marli Jerald, Realtor/Broker Coldwell Banker First Realtors, Walla Walla
By mjeral_574_623 on December 18, 2012
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Hi Lorne,

I want to extend a sincere and heartfelt thank you for making my experience as a first time home buyer such a seamless one. You even managed to make it FUN! That must be practically unheard of in the world of home financing.

Trying to find someone to finance a log home was a challenge but you stepped right up and made it happen. I also appreciated the fact that you would respond to my questions immediately, at any time of the day or night and even on weekends. I think you even answered my call in the middle of French dip night! 

You were able to lock us in at a terrific rate (even better than the one I was quoted by my own bank) so I had not only the financial advantage but the luxury of personalized service. 

I will forever recommend you to anyone who is embarking upon a home purchase because you clearly love what you do and you take the time to make your people feel valued and secure.

We love our new little mini-farm and couldn't have done it without you. Please stop in for a visit anytime.

Take Care,
Holly Warner

Dear Lorne,

I wish to take the time to thank you in writing for the professional manner in which you shepherded our loan application through the process to its successful conclusion. It had been many years since I had pursued residential financing, and it became quite clear to me that the procedures had changed significantly, and the level of scrutiny applied by the loan underwriters was much intensified.

I appreciated your thorough understanding of the various steps, and especially your capacity to explain the reasoning behind requirements that might at first have seemed superfluous. The thoroughness you displayed in instructing me in my collection of the necessary documents limited the demands on my time at this task. Your estimates of how long it would take to clear each hurdle were accurate, and helped to give me a sense that we were indeed making progress.

I can attest from direct experience that you have a better overview of the mortgage products available today than do the other mortgage loan officers I contacted when we first began the search for funding. You put me into the right program from the beginning, avoiding the kinds of missteps that could haunt an applicant dealing with a less proficient lender.

Finally, I was impressed with your enthusiasm, as you showed through your willingness to answer email messages outside of normal business hours. I’m confident I would not have received such courtesies from your competitors.

Dirk Fledderjohann

Dear Lorne,

After a long and lengthy process of dealing with a short sale we are finally in our dream home.  Along the way there are only a few things that went smooth and as planned.  Those things were centered around you and your team.

Once we finally got the acceptance of our purchase price from the listing bank your team jumped into action.  I can't believe you got the appraisal, sent everything to underwriting, took care of all needed documentation, received final approval and it was ready to fund in 3 weeks.  What was really amazing is Christmas fell during those 3 weeks.  Being self employed and with the added guidelines and documentation needed this was outstanding.

All of this may be the exception rather than the rule but I can tell you from dealing with many mortgage brokers over the years with my rental property I can assure you I am not a simple case and you certainly know your stuff, but more importantly you are willing to go the extra mile to be sure your client is taken care of.  You made us feel very comfortable dealing with someone from out of town and I would recommend your service to anyone in need of a home loan.  Thanks again for your professionalism and dedication.

Jim and Julie

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