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Mohammad Hussain's Answers

Can private lenders legally decline a re-fi loan even as we meet all other requirements?
Contact our Connecticut Licensed Loan Officer, Jon Allen to answer all your questions. As a local lender, we provide excellent customer service and we might be able to help you. 718.267.2000
90% LTV mortgage?
Give us a call at 718.267.2000 and we can help you. We are a local direct lender located in Astoria, Queens.
Refinance on FHA Loan
The PMI depends on the type of loan you have. Most likely considing your loan is a high balance loan, you are in an FHA loan. Depending on the time you took out this loan, the FHA MI premium was cheaper than the MI premium it is right now. So, when you price PMI over different calculators, it would depend on how...
Refinance home from overseas
I can help. We have a product for your situation where we explore both 30 year fixedand alternative ARM's. You can email me at mhussain@elyons.comSincerely,Mohammad Hussain516-567-7457
Will I ever be able to refinance after a modification?
Line of credits are tough these days but if you have equity in your home and no late payments since the 12/10 modification, you may have a shot. However such situations must be evaluated on a case by case basis. Please email me at We are a NYC based local mortgage bank that might be able...
Where can I go to qualify for a HARP mortgage if I currently have a privately held mortgage, that must be paid off.
HARP refinances only apply to loans backed by FannieMae or FreddieMac. However, if you would like to look into refinancing out of a privately held mortgage, we can help. Feel free to call me at 516-567-7457.Sincerely,Mohammad
How do I find lenders in my area that are doing the HARP 2 loans?
Lyons is a direct FannieMae lender and servicer based out of New York City. We would be more than happy to help you with a HARP refinance. By working with a local FannieMae lender, it will streamline the process and require limited documentation.Thanks,Mohammad
What is the minimum credit score needed for 5% down on a conventional loan?
It's actually 660. If you're looking to purchase a condo in NY with less than 20% down, please let me know how I can help. Co-ops and condos in NYC and outer boroughs are my niche. I've worked with numerous developers in qualifying first time home buyers into conventional loans with less...
Have Fannie-Mae loan,meet requiments for harp program Does house need to be appraised?
I am a HARP lender in NY. Should you qualify for the loan with income, whether or not an appraisal is needed, the value is irrelevant in HARP. Call me at 516-567-7457 to discuss your options. Sincerely,Mohammad

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