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Mark Asaad's Answers

I have an extended list of unconventional lenders that may be able to help you with the financing. Please let me know if you would like me to help you.Thanks
Mortgage after short sale???
The answer is YES you can get a mortgage after a short sale. Fannie guidelines state you have wait two years before qualifying for a conventional mortgage. However, I have a program that will allow you to purchase a new property immediately after a short sale. There guidelines that you will have to meet to...
How long after Chapter 13 discharge for mortgage?
You must wait three years from the date of forclosure in order to qualify for a new mortgage. You must prove that 12 months of consecutive payments have been made on your chapter 13 filing to qualify for a FHA mortgage. If you have made 12 consecutive payments on the chapter 13, you are eligible for a new FHA...
Our 5/1 ARM interest only (non-Freddie Mac) home equity loan expires March 2012.
There are other options out there instead of conventional financing. I believe FHA may be the best route to getting your home refinanced upto 97.75%. However, if the home equity was used to purchase/construct the home, you should be able to qualify for a conventional loan at 90% ltv. Please call me to...
We only lend in florida and have multiple banks that will lend the HARP 2.0 product with unlimited ltv. Please call me to go over your information and we can get you prequalified. Feel free to call me at anytime.Marc Asaad407-221-9531Home 1st Lending
I'm a loan officer in Florida and need a wholesale outlet for this loan below:
I can help you with this loan. My name is Mark and I'm with Home 1st Lending. We are a wholesale brokerage with many lenders that offer excellent pricing. Please call me to discuss this file. ThanksMark407-221-9531
Are there a lot of lenders who will only let you put 5% down on a house?
Yes. There are many lenders that will allow 5% down for a purhase of home depending on your credit score. If you decide to obtain a FHA loan, you could put down as little as 3.5%. Also, if the property is in a USDA zone, you can get a USDA loan at 100% financing which is zero down. We can offer all of these options to...
hi I was quoted today with a conventional loan 20% down a 5.375 interest rate. is this ok
Depending on your credit score, we can bring your rate under 5%. We can also provide you with a mortgage without PMI (private mortgage insurance) with only 10% or 15% down. Please contact me for all of the details and we can go over all of your options for no charge or obligations. Please call Mark with Home...
Refinace from fha loan to convetinal loan to avoid PMI?
The answer to your question is "yes you can". The loan amount will have to be 80% of your appraised value. If for some reason your appraisal is less than your estimated amount, we can give you a loan amount of 80% plus a second mortgage to avoid the PMI. Call me to discuss all of your options. Thanks Mark with...
Can anyone approve me for a mortgage with credit score 607?
We can approve you with a credit score as low as 580 for an FHA mortgage or 620 score for a conventional mortgage. We will need to have a discussion to get the rest of the details of your loan scenario. Please call me at 407-330-0947 at your earliest convenience. ThanksMark with Home 1st Lending
FHA loan with a credit score of 590?
You can try the credit union but I doubt you will have much luck. You need a specialized mortgage lender to be able to approve you. I am such a lender and I would be happy to help you. Please contact me at your convenience. ThanksHome 1st LendingMark Asaad407-330-0947
Looking for a USDA loan in Florida
We provide USDA loans for the state of Florida. We would be happy to assist you in your pursuit of a mortgage. Feel free to contact me at any time. ThanksMarc AsaadHome 1st Lending407-330-0947
Am I able to use lottery winnings towards my down payment?
Yes, you can definitely use your lottery winnings as a down payment. You will just have to provide proof that you won it in a lottery. Please feel free to call me and I'll be happy to get you pre-approved. ThanksMarc AsaadHome 1st Lending407-221-9531
do conventional loans count spouse debt if spouse not on loan
No, the bank will only count the debt for the person applying for the loan. Please call me if you need help with getting pre-approved.Marc AsaadHome 1st Lending407-221-9531
Need a Mortgage ASAP
I'd would be more than happy to give you all of your loan options and possibly fix your credit at no additional charge if needed. I've been helping people in your same position for the past 12 years and have extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry. Please call me when you get the chance. ThanksMarc...

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