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Seth Jacobs's Answers

home equity loan
You should be able to. Most banks want to see your BK discharged 2 years ago. Credit and Income would be the next step before a pre-approval.
minimum credit score after bankruptcy for a home equity loan
Most lenders want a 640 Minimum score. You may want to try a lender like Skowhegan Savings and ask them if they would portfolio the loan since the credit score is below what most secondary market lenders require. You can also try working with a mortgage professional who understands ways to bump up the...
How can I get a mortgage with a 580 credit score but a very big downpayment?
If you do not offset your rental income via a lease agreement and proof of deposit than you may want to chat with a HARD MONEY lender that would be willing to lend you something short term until the sale of your home.
Would we be able to secure a loan with a median credit score of 580? No mortgage lates for 4 years, no bankruptcy, etc.
Most lenders today need a 640 FICO. That said, you should ask your mortgage expert to look into a rapid re-score. Many times a quick boost in FICO is possible with very little work/money. Good luck!
How do you find the reverse mortgage that has the lowest mortgage insurance and closing costs?
Jerry is a Reverse Mortgage Specialist and a good friend. Try him here
Think I'm screwed, but hoping someone can point me in a direction I haven't considered...
William nailed it. You can't go HARP with your have a Jumbo. :-(
In ILLINOIS with Middle Score less than 640 (632), can I get a FHA Loan?
before anything, you should have someone look into the possibility of a rapid re-score. an FHA loan with a 640 will most likely be a better interest rate.
My husband and I live in MA outside of Boston and we are first time home buyers with VA loan...
Focus on Credit. Credit Karma is a legit free app you can download on your phone these days that really does help with no "catch" that a lot of credit repair companies play. I'm not employed or paid by them to say this just my own opinion.
Can I roll up my closing costs into an FHA loan?
Every borrower is has a unique situation. It may make sense to roll them in, it may make sense to pay them up front. Are you buying a new home or refinancing?
Good Morning, We have a Ch.13 filed Jan 2011 approved Aug.2011 Sheriff/foreclosure Aug. 2011 our credit scores are above 630 and w
The BK and foreclosure are separate issues, but when the foreclosure occurs as part of the BK process lenders can start the clock with the BK discharge date and disregard the foreclosure date.
Looking for loan on an approved property - 8% down or lower
If you are in Ellsworth we can offer 100% financing via USDA RD. It's a great loan with very low Mortgage Insurance compares to FHA. If I can be any help please do not hesitate. I even have a loan officer in Lamoine who can meet you in person!
we are underwater and our payment is to high what can we do
You should make application with a experienced lender who can verify all your options. You may have a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan that allows for a higher loan to value to refinance even if you are under water.
can I consolidate 1st and 2nd mortgage and do harp refi?
was the second mortgage taken out at the same time to buy the home?
could i go zero down for VA with a 620 credit score?>
absolutely! Call 3 lender's and shop. :-)
homepath renovation vs 203K??
If you have 10% down and a 740 Fico, Homepath would be my choice as a borrower. If you would like some additional info on the Mortgage Insurance portion, feel free to reach out to me.
Would a $500k property require a jumbo loan in Saco??
yes. anything over 417k is considered Jumbo here in Maine.
Do I need to get pre-qualified if I'm paying cash for a home?
Congrats! Just a Bank Statement and you are good to go!I would still chat with your CPA. It's cheap money to borrow on a 15 year and you could potentially make more money putting those fund into the proper investments.
Is there anyone who can help a veteran first time home buyer?
Try contacting Denise Donoghue. I know her personal. She is awesome.

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