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Mark Allen's Answers

Can I purchase a home with FHA or VA and get funds to add on an inground pool?
you would not be able to use FHA or Va to add a pool you could purchase a home with a pool already with either program , i am a broker licensed in Virginia and would be happy to help you, please feel free to contact me through my profile
Can I refinance my home if I plan to sell it soon?
yes you can refinance , you just have to do it prior to listing the home, as to whether or not it will be cost effective, we would need to run the numbers to see,please feel free to contact me directly through my profile if you would like an analysis done
Does FHA or Conventional have better rates?
Fha typically has lower rates however the mandantory mortgage insurance is sfignificantly higher I could offer an analysis for your particular situation and show you a side by side comparison of the numbers fell free to contact me directly at www.markallenhomeloans.cim
my credit score is 580, income yearly 50000, no debt, wanna buy house that cost 650000. can i get loan
you could possibly buy with that score but not in that price range given your annual income,perhaps you could qualify for less house please contact me directly to discuss further and to get preapproved that way you know exactly how much house you can afford
What's the max income allowable for usda in virginia
depends on family size but for 2-4 people $91850.00 is the limit
Is there any specific benefit using a broker
well your 1st answer here is complete hogwash,i am a local broker and would be happy to compare rates and fees side by side with any direct lender,you can contact me at 757-394-3386 or at
with a 706 fico and 6700 to put down on a 200000 property what loan program is best?
FHA offers only 3.5% down so on a $200k property you will need $7,000.00 down so you are just about there,you will also need for the seller to pay closing cost on your behalf , this can be negotiated in the contract or can also be handled through a lender credit,feel free to contact me directly to speak...
Can I do a VA loan refinance without having to have appraisal done? Or is this a requirement?
you can refinance without an appraisal by doing what is known as a VA interest rate reduction loan,refinancing the current balance plus closing cost for the purpose of reducing payment
How can I find a listing of condos that are FHA approved ?
contact a lender and they can look up for you,if you have the name of the condo project and the address I can look up for you

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