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We are in business to help people obtain the American Dream and also to help our clients make a sound financial decision regarding their mortgage and investment needs. One of our largest investments we make in our lifetime is buying a home, which also will become one of our future assets. Most people don't know where to begin. We partner with our clients to help them develop a plan and to know what steps are needed to get prepared to complete the transaction. It is our responsibility to educate the clients about the documents they will be signing upfront and at closing and also to go over the terms of the loans to ensure they have no unanswered questions.

In some cases, we are not able to help every applicant, but we have given them the necessary tools to begin working on what is needed to be able to reach the goal of home ownership in the near future. We care about every client and their families and it shows when they return their gratitude with referrals.

Some Of Our Loan Programs:

Jumbo to $5 Mill
Reverse Mortgages
Bank Statements
Lite Doc/Stated
Hard Money/Bridge Loans
Construction to Perm
Escrow Holdbacks
Manufactured Homes

Need Unconventional Financing? Email Your Scenario Current On Real Estate, Mortgage, Credit & Finance News, Tips and ResourcesDownload Our App * NO 1040 * NO 4506T * INCOME FROM P&L ONLY * 2 - 12 MOS BANK STATEMENTS * * NO BORROWER INCOME OR DEBT TO QUAL** $100K - $2.5 MIL* Prime Portfolio 7/1 ARM No 1040, No 4506, Wage-earner ok with VOE onlyFor self-employed- P&L signed by borrower only for income2 months bank statement to verify asset only. $1.5 MIL Cash Out to 50% LTV Choice Portfolio Reduced Doc85% LTV Reduced Doc to $2.5 MIL No MINo limit on Cash Out 12 month Bank Statement - PERSONAL ACCOUNTS ONLY<600 fico to 70% LTV Select Portfolio 5/1 ARM Interest Only available 12 Months seasoning on BK/Foreclosures/Short Sale3 Months Bank Statement, 620+ FICO, 55%DTI 70% LTVCash Out to $1 MILNon-Owner Cash Out to 50% LTV to $2.5 MIL<620 FICO Lower LTVAlt Doc Jumbo 5/1 ARM 3 Months Bank Statement70% LTV Purch Cash Out to $1 MIL loan amount Investor Express 30 YR Fixed** NO INCOME FROM BORROWER TO QUALIFY ** Cash Out on Non-Owner, 2-4 units65% DTI (calculated by PITIA/Rental income)620+ FICOUnlimited # of properties owned3 years seasoning on Foreclosure/BK/Short Sale ______________________________________________ FULL DOC JUMBO PROGRAMSChoice Portfolio Full doc90% LTV to Full Doc to $2.5 MIL Cash Out Limit: 5% less max LTV Non-Owner to 75% LTV Cash Out Platinum Jumbo & Core JumboPlatinum - 85% LTV No MI Core Jumbo - 89.9% LTV No MI 85% LTV No MI to 2 Mil. Cash out to 75% LTV 80% LTV R/T $1 MIL 660+ FICO 70% LTV to $1.5 MIL on PurchaseMAX $ Cash Out to $1 MIL TO 50% LTV Express Jumbo15 & 30 Fixed & ARMNon-warrantable Condo Projects 80% to $1 MILCash Out to $2 MIL to 55% LTVGet Pre-Approved Today! Apply Online for Fast Pre-Approvals offers free credit enhancement prior to submitting your loan to the bank to ensure you get the best rate possible. Even 20 points could be .25% better in rate, which equals thousands of dollars on the life of a mortgage loan. If you have a loan scenario email us at - PMC Can Help

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