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Mark Simon's Answers

i reside in Ohio and am looking for a jumbo loan upto 90% LTV
Yes we can help and with no PMI(mortgage insurance) and we do have some programs that can go above 90% LTV with great rates and reasonable fees.Give me a call for answers over the phone today.Highly rated company and quick to close and available nights & weekends. Call Mark at WCS Lending...
Should I refi my 5 yr adjustable interest only loan?
The answer is probably yes, however we need some information not in your question. I can give you that answer today or this evening over the phone. Knowing that rates were higher 5 years ago it is highly likely we can provide a lower fixed rate. Also we are very agressive on jumbo rates. Mark WCS Lending...
Refinance in Pittsburgh
Yes I can help you with securing the lowest end of rates and fees. Give me a call today and we can pin down what rate and fees you are eligible for-Mark 800-485-1387 Extension 107 WCS Lending
Can you get an FHA Loan 3 years after a short-sale?
Yes we can help you.Our office services your area and would be glad to work with you to get an approval.Mark WCS Lending 800-485-1387 Extension 107
US Citizen with foreign income looking for a mortgage in FL
Yes not onlly can we help but we can provide the prequalification letter that many realtors want to see within 24 hours .Give me a call today and we can position you to seriously look at properties this weekend. Mark WCS Lending 800-485-1387 Extension 107.
i owe zero on my home, but i have poor credit, how can i get a home equity loan?
Martha, Give me a call we will look at options that may be available once we have more information. I will be happy to give you answers this morning Mark WCS Lending 800-485-1387 Extension 107
Which lender has best terms for 20 year HARP loan? Who handles Fannie Mae Harp Loans?
I would be glad to help you get the answers that apply to your specific mortgage and eligibility.Call Mark at 800-485-1387 Extension 107 or reply through the email option here at 411. I look forward to helping you get the best terms.
On the mortgage, not on deed. We need to purchase?
We would be glad to walk through what it will take to get an approval. There is some missing info needed to give you a final plan. Give me a call or direct email and we can have some answers for you quickly. Mark WCS Lending 800-485-1387 Extension 107
Want a VA loan, but delayed by robosigning......what to do?
Give me a call and we can review more detail needed but I think there is potential to not have as long of a wait as your estimating. Mark 800-485-1387 Extension 107.
How can I refinance a pick a pay loan on a Wells Fargo rental property? Wells will not give a loan modification.
Although basic details are not with your question There are options we can review to stabilize your payment.We can review this over the phone and give you answers today. Mark 800-485-1387 Extension 107
Will my credit score drop if I pay off the loan early?
There are various options , however you want to handle this in a way that will not create credit issues as you pursue another home or rental. I work with homes in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Give me a call and we give you some direction today so you can move forward over the weekend. Mark...
HARP 2.0 Lender in MD
I can give you the answers today. We would be glad to help you use this program. Mark 800-485-1387 Extension 107
HARP 2.0 Out of Pocket Expenses
Be glad to help you pursue this with no out of pocket expense. Give me a call and we can review the details today. Mark 800-485-1387 Extension 107
Refinance a non Freddie or Fannie loan that is at 107% LTV in Florida
I would be glad to review this with you today and provide you answers after having more details that aren't in your question. Not only are there a couple programs that could address this problem but the value to be used for your property could be better than what you are projecting. Mark...
Harp 2.0 Lender needed for Level 3/4 Condo.
Be glad to help you get beyond this delay. Call me today and we will quickly get the answers you need to move forward to complete your loan. Mark 800-485-1387 Extension 107
Loan Pre-approval Question
You can use other lenders and switch to FHA . Our office serves your area with the low end of rates and fees as well as closing quickly. If your looking beyond the immediate Baltimore city we have a another loan program that can reduce the fees you will pay with FHA. Give me a call and we can provide you answers...
How soon after purchasing my home with a balloon mortgage, can i sell it or refinance?
We need some details from the contract you have. Give me a call and we will give you a final answer and identify the lowest rate and fees available that will eliminate the concerns you have with a balloon. Mark 800-485-1387 Extension 107
HARP 2.0 through current lender is a little more than $10k to close
Give me a call so we can review all the details that are not in your posting and we can find a way to reduce this cost factor. Mark 800-485-1387 Extension 107
What state are you relocating to ? Give me a call and we can help expedite the process of financing your new home.Mark 800-485-1387 Extension 107
Inherited a home and would like to finance renovations. We are young and do not have good credit. Can we get a home equity loan?
As the others shared there are more details to review for a final answer. We are often placing young individuals with credit challenges. Give me a call and we can review the details, give you a plan to secure an offer with the best rate and terms. Mark 800-485-1387 Extension 107

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