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I became a Mortgage Loan Originator after my parents asked me to help them decide if a reverse mortgage was right for them. We decided they should establish a reverse mortgage line of credit. That decision has made their life easier, happier and a whole lot more fun. My dad even got his teeth fixed.

You probably already qualify if you are at least 62 and if you have enough equity in your house. That's about all it takes.

You can use a reverse mortgage to pay off you current mortgage:

You can access some of the cash equity in your home:

If you decide to downsize you can buy your next home with a reverse mortgage:

If you are facing foreclosure, we might be able to save you home and payoff your debts.

If a reverse mortgage was good enough for my parents, it will probably be good enough for you. If you live in Colorado and would like to figure out if a reverse mortgage is right for you, please give me a call, anytime. Mark 720-206-4539

Yes Reverse Mortgages have changed and I think this was a good move by the Government. The cost of setting up a line of credit has gone down dramatically. The expensive part of a Reverse Mortgage is the Up Front FHA...
How to buy a home with an FHA Reverse Mortgage 1. You need to be 62+ years old. 2. You need cash, about 42% of the purchase price of your new home 3. Your realtor writes a contract, we review it and approve the deal. 4. You...
Losing your home to foreclosure when you are young is like watching a dream go down the drain. Losing your home to foreclosure when are a senior is a nightmare that brings sorrow and pain. Things happen that are beyond your...

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