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WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT? As an organization, we believe that we are only as good as the employees that make up our company. More importantly, I believe that the individual values of the person you choose to work with are just as important as the values of the company they work for.

With nearly 15 years of experience in business and financing, I will structure the perfect mortgage package for all borrowers. My knowledge of all aspects of the mortgage process will make this an easy and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. I take pride in my innovative approach to business, emphasis on working as an integrated team, and high standards for customer satisfaction. My top priority is helping people accomplish their home buying needs by walking them through the entire process to ensure a smooth transaction.

What Makes Us different? We are not your typical bank. Our market position falls somewhere between the banks on Main Street and the banks on Wall Street. I am sure you have heard this phrase quite frequently of late, but this really is a fitting way to describe our place in the industry. Our market position allows us to offer the best of both worlds. Due to our size we are able to offer the same competitive pricing as the big banks on Wall Street, yet our local presence allows us to offer a level of customer service only found at the local bank on Main Street. In short, we are big enough to offer you the products and terms you need, yet small enough to provide the service you expect.

WE ARE NOT A BROKER. WE ARE A MORTGAGE LENDER. THAT LENDS ITS OWN FUNDS..... Why does this matter to you? Unlike a mortgage broker that must rely on the products and service level of others outside their organization, we are able to work as a cohesive team to quickly and efficiently process your loan. Our operations team works directly with me under the same roof to provide a seamless closing.Over half of my business comes through referrals - This is a great sign of the trust my clients have in me. Referring me, to assist their friends and family in the biggest financial decision of their lives, is the best compliment I could receive. That trust in me is the ultimate sign of a job well done. I am always working to improve and offer increasingly better service. Rest assured, my extensive knowledge of our bank's products will get you from start to "closed" in the shortest time possible. So, call or email me and let's get your savings started TODAY!

Look forward to working with you.

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