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As a college graduate, I was very ambitious. I was also very excited to start my career. While I began my interviewing process, I quickly learned that I was not a typical college graduate

I wanted to work. In fact, I would outwork my colleagues and competition. I realized that most jobs paid a salary. But, if I out-worked my colleagues, we would still earn the same income.

I immediately changed my career choice. With a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Cal Poly Pomona, Ca. and a degree in Finance, Insurance & Real Estate, I looked to the Mortgage Industry. I quickly realized that the harder I worked, the more effort I put into it, I had the opportunity for reach out to more people and positively impact more people. I soon realized that the Mortgage Industry would be a great fit. When you think about it, I literally have access to Billions of Dollars. And, a home purchase is typically the biggest investment a person will ever make. The rewards of homeownership for the prospective borrower were a very powerful tool that motivated me to succeed.

I have learned over the years that the 'Mortgage", or "Deed of Trust" is the instrument that facilitates what I do. But, what has been a constant has been the relationships that my cleints and I have established on each and every transaction.

I have an acute awareness of the importance of the loan process and the steps a client goes through to get a home loan. I look at it as a journey. Like a fingerprint, not two borrowers are alike. Each borrower is unique and listengin to their needs and providing options has empowered the borrower.

As much as the client is awarded the mortgage funds to buy or refinance their house, I'm rewarded by the relationships I have developed over the years. Obtaining a mortgage takes a lot of effort on behalf of the borrower. I hope that my efforts on behalf of my borrowers has been of value. Please feel free to call me direct to confidetnially discuss your mortgage options. In the meantime, Continued Success!

I have had the privledge of working in the Mortgage Industry for 29 years.  As much as our industry has changed, the principles of Credit, Income, Savings and Housing Ratios are still the back bone of the industry.  Whether you are a  "First Time Homebuyer", "Move-Up Buyer" or you are buying your "Trophy Home", the same principles that I learned 29 years ago still apply today. 

The mortgage process is a journey filled with choices.   As a Loan Originator, I take great satisfaction in listening to my clients.  Based on your Credit, Income, and Savings, we can now provide a platform of Options for you to navigate your mortgage choices.  It's great to take a very detailed process and simplify it for both the Home Buyer looking to Purchase, or, the Homeowner looking to Refinance.

I have worked on the foundation that by providing both Options and Solutions, you can make the best choice for you and your family.  It would be a privledge to have the opportunity so hear from you and strategize with you on your goals for a mortgage. 

I invite you to call.  In the meantime, Continued Success!

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