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James Mazzola's Answers

what is the 52 week average low rate for a 20 year refinancing
For "A" credit. It has been as low as 3% and as high as 3.75%. The current rate is 3.375%. If you have any questions, please contact me: Jim 732-501-4249 or
What additional factors does APR consider? Should I use APR as a basis for comparison of lender offers?
Very simple: The APR is the actual cost of you mortgage in the form of Interest Rates: It is the Interest Rate + the closing cost factored by the term of the loan. if you have any questions, please contact me: (JIM)
Is there some way to refinance to combine a first and second mortgage into a single debt?
Yes, If you have enough equity in the property, you can include it in a new mortgage. If not, you can refinance you first mortgage and keep the second one open and long and both lenders agree. If you have any questions, please contact me. Jim Mazzola 732-501-4249 or
If I switch lenders after an appraisal, do I need to get a new one or is there a time limit?
FHA no. The appraisal is assigned to the property. Yes on conventional. The Appraisal has to be approved by the lender. 2nd Most Appraisal Companies charge you to switch lenders if they are approved by both companies. Jim:
Is it more important to get a low APR rate or low interest rate? What is the difference between the two?
Depends? A low rate means a lower payment? A lower APR means lower costs to finance you loan. If you pay points, you will receive a low Rate but higher APR. You just have to see what loan works out better for you: Jim
Question about FHA financing
ALL LLC's would now require Commercial Financing.
Is it a good idea to renovate before selling or simply sell as is?
It depends on the cost. Sometime just a good clean up and a fresh coat of paint. FYI: people want to fix up their house the way they want it
Is it possible to have 2 FHA loans or do I need to refinance to a different loan type?
Very difficult. Remember you are dealing with a Federal Agency. If they smell fraud. It can cost you
My loan was just locked at 3.65 but I see rates are getting lower. What can I do?
Some lenders offer re-locks. But Rates change. Be careful. They can go up fast too
old bankruptcy, charge offs, collections, unpaid old debts on credit reports advice for a loan.
Even if they are removed from you credit, collection accounts and un paid debts will show up on Title Work. They have to be satisfied.
My Hoa in under litigation. Are there any lenders that refinance a Condo ?
You need a special lender. Most will not lend with open litigation
Looking for a 30 year fixed refinance on a rental property with 80-85%.
I can do an 80% LTV Refinance under 4% Single Family onlyJim Mazzola 732-501-4249
Is there no longer a way to remove FHA PMI from a 30-year FRM?
If your loan was originated before this date you aren't affected by this rule change.

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