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For more than two decades, Edward Megerdichian has been providing custom tailored, mortgage strategies that have positively impacted his client's wealth and total financial viability over the term of their loans and beyond. Unlike many other Mortgage Planners, Edward and his team at Skyline Home Loans believe their real work begins after your escrow closes and concentrate on ensuring your loan will always work for you - not against you, as economic changes occur. His commitment and expertise in offering the best possible service to his valued clients and friends can be traced back to his early experiences in providing unparalleled customer service and consultations to a variety of loan recipients. Prior to originating mortgages, Edward serviced loans for some prominent names in the mortgage industry. His experience in the corporate world, coupled with decades of active loan origination and a thirst for continuing education has allowed Mr. Megerdichian to forge a proactive, client driven approach to debt management, which targets fiscal realities far beyond the close of any escrow. Clearly, a strong commitment to his clientele's financial betterment over the long term is the core of Edward Megerdichian's work ethic and it is further evidenced by his constant acquisition of the finest informational resources available to continually provide the incisive, "up-to-the-minute" market intelligence necessary to his vital client base. Edward and his team are constantly notifying and updating their rate sensitive clients, via multiple sources, regarding the latest rate changes, interest rate drops and hikes as well as a slew of other economic indicators that impact debt management and overall wealth consolidation strategies.

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