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Michael Regan's Answers

Broker Or Direct To The Bank?
There are 3 choices:-broker can shop different lenders but they have an additional broker/processing fee(s) on top of the regular banks fees...sometimes you see it, sometimes you don't...but it's there. -banks are generally slower at closing loans-mortgage bank is able to shop different...
Should I Pay Points?
Depends how long you're going to keep the loan...long term absolutely...short term (under 3-4 years) no. With rates as low as they are now and if you intended to keep the loan 15/30 years buy down the rate.
Credit scores and other questions
You can find out your three scores by asking your lender for a copy of your credit report. We use your middle credit score to determine rate/qualification/etc. Self-employment does nothing to the rate. $12k for closing costs is within reason based on a $400k loan. Rates are in the low 4's even at 90%...

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