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Michael Garza's Answers

Can I assume a loan in my parents name if I don't qualify for my own loan?
Hi Greg, it would matter on the type of loan your parents currently have and when it was originally financed. Chances are that you will likely still have to qualify on your own. Let me know if you would like to go over all your financing options.
I have 2100 excess lender credit and I am being asked to bring 2100 additional money to closing which will be used for principle
Good Morning. I am not sure i completely understand your question. Can you please restate your question so i can be of service. Thank youMike
Mortgage trouble with CENLAR. Help!
One reason might be because your property taxes and insurance premiums rose and as a result, your monthly mortgage payment went up as well. Most loan servicers do an escrow analysis once a year, and adjust your monthly payment based on any escrow shortgages. Seeing as you said you closed in 9/15, that is...
Would borrowing from my 401K be an acceptable way to come up with a down payment?
Yes it it. I would review your 401k Servicer's terms of withdrawal to review your penalty and withdrawal options. Some allow you to take a loan against your 401k vs a 401k withdrawal which have different tax implications.
What is the turn around time on an appraisal for a conventional loan?
Typically i see a turnaround time of 7-14 days depending on appraiser availability and workload. It could also take longer depending on location, property size, and availability of comparables. Hope this helps,Mike
Need a VA loan in less than 30 days. Please contact me if you can do this.
I am happy to help. Call me at 512-638-6506 ASAP to get the process started. Make sure you have your DD214 available. Thanks,
Do you do refinance on loans for carrs.
Hi Rose, unfortunately I cannot help you with refinancing your car loan. Your best bet would to be to contact your current loan servicer for assistance or to look at some local banks.
can a single adult male qualify for a reverse mortgage?
You sure can. We would need to qualify you much like you would a forward mortgage including reviewing credit, employment, etc. I am located in Austin, TX and licensed to help all individuals in Texas. Please let me know if you would like to discuss further. Thank you,Mike Garza 512-638-6506,...

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