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Michael Ross's Answers

Is the PMI, MIP and funding fee always included in the loan amount?
PMI is extra insurance that lenders require from most homebuyers.It is normally only included in the loan amount when it is charged up-front which is typical for a Government insured loan (FHA,VA,USDA). You usualy cannot split the fee so it will be all included or you will have to pay it up-front out of...
What would be the best way to save money when refinancing?
Just following up to make sure you got your answered to your satisfaction. When you have as much equity as you have stated, you will have nothing to worry about. After reviewing all of the answers, I thought I should mention that a 10 year term would be a great option for you and will allow you to wrap both...
Refinancing my home with 706 credit score
PeterTake your current interest rate and subtract the market rate for the difference. This take your loan balance times the difference (about 1.75%).This will give you a great ball park for your first years interest savings. You still will need to correct for closing costs etc but at 3,377 in first year...

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