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Michael Stephan's Answers

Can I Refi my primary-residence investment-property then keep it and buy a new primary-residence?
Please clarify - there is no such thing as a "primary-residence investment-property"You either live in the property or you don't.If you have one house, it is your primary residence.If you have a "vacation house or condo - that would be your secondIf you rent out the vacation...
What is the maximum LTV I can have to refinance a non-GSE home loan?
Dear Tarrats - Please be good enough to make a few calls to local mortgage companiesand establish a flow of dialog. These fragmented questions serve you not.
Can I learn the terms of loans for froigners?
Title: Can I learn the terms of loans for froigners?Answer from Settlers Mortgage: Yes, of course. But you'll want tocall and have a chat with us, so we can give you proper information.Please call us at - 203 227-2422 Best regards,Michael StephanMortgage Consultant
Are there any property restrictions for home purchases with FHA loans?
Zero restrictions - if you intend to live in it as your primary residence.FYI - If you'd like more info, I grew up in Fairfield and know the area well.Thanks and good luck!Michael
Is there a diffence between a loan for an investment property and that for a home that the purchaser planned to live in?
dozens of underwriting guidelines come into play here, not all of whichwere touched on in this thread - obviously - because there is no applicationto review. 1. the rate could be 1-2% higher! - then watch out for points and fees - especially if it's a condo.2. in general only 70% of rental income will...

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