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Michele Bledsoe's Answers

Lender in Tampa areas, FL?
Access Mortgage Partners. Dan Ortiz is AWESOME! And, they make getting a mortgage a lot of FUN! they are right in the Tampa area.863-934-5772-Cellwww.amplends.comdortiz@smprate.comYou will LOVE him!!!
Home Owners Insurance
The only way that most lenders allow you to pay your own homeowners insurance premium and taxes yearly is if you put down 20% or more of the purchase price, and this is not on option on Government loans. Even then, they charge a fee for "allowing" you to do this. Usually .25% of the loan amount is the standard...
Looking to Refinance. My wife just got a job after being out of work for 12 months. Can I refi in 6 months?
Hi! If you could give a bit more information(what type of loan, what term and purpose of refinancing) that would be helpful. If you are looking for a conventional loan, should not be an issue, but some more details are required. I am happy to have a quick call with you to see if I could help. 770-362-2724.
home equity
Since we are lending professionals that answer the questions in this forum, I am going to say you need to ask your bankruptcy attorney this question. We cannot legally give legal advice.
when is the best time to buy?
Hi Joe! Rates fluctuate with the market, right now, they are pretty good compared to a few weeks ago. The home prices are increasing rapidly, and in CA you see the highest priced market. My suggestion, if you are wanting to buy and you can, NOW is a great time! The sellers in the winter are generally more...
How to find the best agent to see our home.
I would definitely do my homework and research the agents in your area. A strong agent that has a strong selling background is worth their weight in gold! If you choose to go with a newer, less experienced agent, I might be more inclined to ask for a reduction in commission paid. Always do your due...
Remove Co-Signer
If you are able to get the mortgage in your own name now, now is a GREAT TIME to refinance...rates are still low! You will need to refinance and have your Aunt sign off the deed at the time of the refinance. I am happy to help you and give you a quote for your refinance. 678-321-6881. if you...
Manufactured homes can be done with FHA, 3.5% down. NOT MOBILE homes, but Manufactured/Modular homes.
missed payment
Are you SURE about your DTI numbers? the 62 "back end" is what will not get approved. Who gave you those numbers? A lender?
how to search a person's name for the FHFA list
Hi Magee, I am not sure what you are asking? Can you please elaborate, be a bit more specific. Thank you! Michele
Divorcing. Only assets is my dad's house in Michigan.
I am not an attorney and not familiar with Wisconsin laws, but in GA, we are a community State, ANY asset acquired while you are legally married is a marital asset. Which, by law if you were in GA, your wife (or soon to be ex-wife) would be ENTITLED to half the equity in the home. You can override that in an...

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