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I enjoy listening to my clients share their dreams and desires of home ownership or building a real estate empire or being free of mortgage payments for the rest of their lives with a reverse mortgage!

I love being a problem solver when it comes to finding the right loan to match the need. My reward is happy clients that refer me to their friends and family. That's the WHY behind my staying in the mortgage lending business when so many left.

I am very good at listening and putting a plan into action to help my clients achieve those dreams and goals with the right mortgage loan.

After 24 years in mortgage lending in San Diego, California, it was tempting to leave the business a few years ago. But what doesn't kill you definitely makes you stronger! I'm one strong mortgage lady.

I do traditional home loans - conventional, VA/FHA, HARP for underwater mortgages.

I do reverse mortgages because I'm a "baby boomer" and see the value to my generation in being able to stay in the homes we love and...

  • Be set free from making monthly mortgage payments
  • Not have to live with our kids or in a retirement home, or
  • Have some emergency cash on the side for things that matter; and
  • Not have to tap into other retirement savings when the market is wrong for asset distribution

As a native San Diegan I do most of my business in this county; however, I also arrange loans throughout the State of California and our company is licensed in over 43 states. I'm happy to refer business where I cannot directly help my clients personally.

A little about me. My husband, Michael, and I have been married for over 32 years and we met "disco dancing." We have three grown children and one grandchild. I'm into healthy cooking, gardening, dancing of course, entertaining and enjoying the company of family and friends.

My mission is to create happy loyal clients who share their good experience with their family and friends who in turn repeat the process.

Thank you for your time.

Michele Kole

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