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Michele Welch's Answers

Can i get 100% financing for a home mortgage
Florida Housing does have down payment assistance available to qualified First Time Homebuyers. You must not have owned a home or received ownership interest in the past 3 years. How long ago did you sell your previous home ?
Does my husband need my signature to refinance?
Good Day. What an unfortunate series of events. You need to look at the laws in Maryland as far as being a homestead state. Also what he claimed the occupancy of the home at the time of his refinance. Most of that information is public record and available on line if your state allows it. If his refinance was...
i recently paid 60k cash for a brick garage apartment and land(with no mother house)
You also may be able to qualify for a FHA 203k rehab loan program. You must occupy the property as your primary residence and credit qualify. There are 2 options on this loan prgram depending on how many improvements you want to make. If you are performing major rehab ( over 35K ) an FHA coordinator becomes...
Doing fha loan, underwriter found error on taxes. Can lender use stamp on amended tax return to continue processing and close loan
That is a big red flag for the underwriter. I doubt that the Investor will allow a stamped amended return as they will need to get a new 4506T Transcript Directly from the IRS showing that the mistake has been fixed and the amended return is in their system. You can contact the IRS directly at...

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