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Mike Cuervo's Answers

Looking to invest in a condo hotel in CA. What is the required down payment?
Most lenders refuse to lend on condo hotels. I cant help you. Thanks for the inquiry
Is is harder to qualify for a purchase loan when you have to sell your house first?
The application you submit will reflect the sale transaction you are anticipating. The underwriters for your new loan will take that into consideration but will require the completion prior to funding your new loan. Feel free to give me a call and I can walk you through the process. Steve Adams,...
I want to purchase a condo in southern California. I'm hoping to get a loan for about $450,000. What kind of income do I need to qualify for this?
At 4% rate (4.20 APR) conforming HB loan you would be looking at $2150 principal and interest. Assuming 20% down payment (No MI), prop taxes $470 mo and $275 HOA an income of $6500 will do it provided there's very little monthly installment or revolving debt payments. I am located in Laguna Hills and if you...
How much down payment is recommended when buying a home?
A primary owner occupied home can be as little as 3% down. A 2nd home can be as little as 10% and investment usually is 20% or more down. What governs the down payment is your debt to income ratio or qualifying ratios. Under 40% is recommended. For more info please ask for Mike at (714) 273-1083
Title seasoning for a Fannie Mae refinance.
Fannie and Freddie take the lower of the 2 scores.

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