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Mike Tompkins's Answers

Take loan? 30 yrs fixed, $330k loan, 20% down , credit score ~800, $1k fee, rate 4.875%
rate sounds a little high assuming the property is a primary residence or second home. Also need more clarity on the total fees of 1k. Is that total lender fees or total closing costs period? You will always have fees from a title company and also escrows (taxes, insurance, interest). 4.625%-4.5% should be...
What do I do about financing two homes?
Very unlikely you will be able to consider both a primary or even one a second home if they are both in close proximity. Second homes typically come with a distance consideration. IE buying a property up in Flagstaff would be considered a second home. More than likely you would buy one as a primary and the...
Is there a difference betweeb a jumbo and high-balance mortgage
You have options with 10% down for a jumbo loan with a 702 FICO score. You can give me a call at 480-421-1151 direct to discuss. Thank you.

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