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I have had a couple of mortgage lates in the last 12 months. How would it impact my rates for a refinance? or will it?
It all depends whether you were late 30 days or more. If you had paid your mortgage within the month, but after the 15th, then it is not reported on your credit. If you were more than 30 days late, then it does decrease your credit score. However, FHA allows credit scores as low as 620.If you need more info, call...
What kind of 5/1 rates are out there? Our loan is jumbo about 630K. Tell me if there are any points also.
A 5/1 for this loan amount , based on a loan to value of 75% and a credit score of 720 or more ins currently at 4.5% at 0 points. Of course you can get a lower rate and pay points.You can contact me at for more details.
Should I refinance again? Can i do it at 0 cost?
I would say it depends on two factors: What is the amount of your loan?? and how long do you plan to stay in the property??The greater the loan amount ( up to $417K for conforming) the greater would be the savings and the more likely you can do it at NO COST.If you plan to stay in the property for 5-7 yrs, then I...
Low credit scores, but willing to make a large down payment for a new home.
I guess my first question would be why are your credit scores low if you have no debts?? Did you have collections, late payments?? Bankruptcy?That could play a role in having you approved for a loan. A 639 credit score and a 4 years employment history for your husband could get him approved on an FHA loan....
Can you quality for an FHA loan if you were unemployed 10 months out of the last two years?
FHA is more flexible than conventional lenders when it comes to employment and co-borrowers. They would allow for non-occupant co-borrowers under certain conditions. With some letters of explanation addressing the employment, iy can be done.Contact me for more information, I am a broker located...
Is there any type of loan with no pmi but only 10% down?
Hi Sam,You can have an option of a lender funded MI where the PMI cost is included in the interest rate. For example, if the current interest rate is at 4.125% , A lender funded MI rate with 10% down (depending on the credit score and other factors,) may be increased to 4.625% and No MI. Email me if you have any...
need a jumbo loan but also VA eligible
What is the purchase price and How much will you be getting equity from the sale.There are many new programs available now on conventional as well.You can contact me directly at (619) 708-2002 and we can go through scenarios.ThanksRanda
How can I refi first and second mortgage with score of 800
Is your second of $ 120000 , a purchase second? Did you get it simultaneously with the first when you bought the house?That would make a difference as to whether this new loan is going to be considered a cash out loan or a rate and can contact me at if you have other...
buying a property for investment only
Yes,He will be a non -occupant co-borrower.Call me at (619) 708-2002 to discuss the details.Randa Broker/ First Rate Inc.
buying a house in OC
Yes, that should be no problem.Contact me for pre-qualification or pre-approval letter. I am located in Southern California and can help you find a property as well.Randa Mishlawi/ Broker(619) 708-2002mishlawir@aol.comFirst Rate Inc.

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