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Mario Jackson's Answers

what is the interest rate on a commercial real estate loan in kansas city mo
The rates are the same nationally. Some lenders will price differently in riskier markets. The smaller the loan, the more challenging it is to get a great rate. A number of companies will not even make a loan under 1,000,000. Loans under 1,000,000 are subject to more scrutiny unless they are SBA or Fannie...
Do these lenders do commercial loans
Yes, my firm specializes in commercial funding. Please feel free to reach out to me at 614-432-9021 or Jackson
need a commercial loan for rental investment properties that value at $240,000.00 we need a refinance loan for $159,000
I do have a vendor that can finance this type of project. They need at least 5 properties so that it can be underwritten as a commercial loan. They will not accept properties with a value of less than 60,000. The rate is 5 year fixed and around 6.50% right now. they go up to 75% loan to value but 159,000 may...
Purchased a condo in 5/2014. Do I have to wait a certain amount of time before I can refi?
The property is currently seasoned more than one year which means you can refinance now if you have the equity.
Dumb question... what is the difference between the APR and APY?
the APR is the Annual Percentage Rate. When you go in and they say that your rate is 5%, that is the rate you are paying on the money. The APY is the actual "yield" or amount that is made on the loan. For example; if you have a 5% rate and are charged 2 points on a loan of 100,000, you are actually paying the 5% PLUS...
small business
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lottery winnings
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What is the best way to pay off my mortgage early?
No one on this site should really respond to your question unless they are a licensed securities person. No one can be held accountable for their answers as they give you investment advice. My apologies!
Can a bank refuse to accept a appraisal they ordered?
Yes. The appraiser is a 3rd party and is independent of the bank. They are not forced to lend on a bad report. If you paid for it, you can ask for your money back but they are making a financial decision to which they are held accountable for up to 30 years and appraisers are not perfect. All appraisals do go...

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