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Mary Mcphail's Answers

Want to buy a house for $600,000 in California, dual income $80k / year. What are my options?
80k a year each or combined? what about a multi family residence ? owning a home is a great investment
Is there some way to refinance to combine a first and second mortgage into a single debt?
Yes and depending on when the second mortgage was taken out if at the time of the purchase you can also get a nice low rate because its considered rate and term and not a cash out refinance
Is this a good time to buy or should I wait until investors buy all their investment properties?
i would buy one now ,the market is showing signs of stability and owning a house is a great investment depending on where you purchase
First time home buyer...
Hello. It's an exciting time now. We are a direct mortgage lender based out of NY but licensed in CA. You seem to know many of the questions that will be asked right off the bat - we can easily help you through and get you a solid answer. Feel free to email me at Hope to hear from you...
Any recommendations for good portfolio lenders serving the NYC area?
Contour Mortgage Corp. is - located in Garden City, NY (just mins from NYC) - fully licensed and ready to help. How can I assist you today?
Can a lender revoke my loan two months after closing
dont worry just provide them with the paystub as soon as you get it, what can you do if your Dr is saying he cant work, but also what does that promissory note say exactly? thats what i would take a look at make sure it don't say he is cleared and will be back at work on such and such day then could be trouble
My mortgage person sent me an email asking when a good time today would be to spend 10-15 minutes together he never replied back
Hello. I am sorry you experienced that lack of service. I can help you - please email me directly at

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