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Natale Terranova, Jr's Answers

my credit score is very low, can I still get a mortgage
Irma,Getting qualified for a mortgage is not just based on a credit score. In today's lending environment you will also have to show your income and assets. Depending on what the issues on the credit are and how long ago they occurred can make a difference in qualifying. Feel free to call and or email...
Hello, I want found a condo I like but not sure if I can come up with the closing costs- any type of loan program that could help.
You may be able to qualify for our First Time Home Buyer Program that can assist with closing costs and prepaids. If the condo is FHA approved, you can always ask for a seller credit of up to 6% of the sales price. Many variables invoved and the best thing to do is contact a mortgage lender.
Better rate buying bank owned/?
You generally will save money on the purchase price of the home when you buy a REO or forclosure unless you run into a multiple bid scenario and the price gets run up by bidders. The mortgage program you qualify for will determine the interest rate you are charged and buying the REO or foreclosure...

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