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I'm Roger Howell, a veteran loan officer at Fairway Independent Mortgage corporation. For the last 12 years, I have been helping people get the best mortgage for their situation.

In today's environment, you need a full time loan officer who keeps up with the developments and programs offered. I will quickly tell you what we can do for you and not fill you with false hopes and expectations. In most cases, I can close a purchase loan in under 21 days and a refinance in a few days more.

For those of you who are in a market where the values have plummeted and think you can't refinance, I have hope! If you have an FHA, RD, or VA loan, I can do your refinance without having to get a new apprisal! Furthermore, I am doing these refinances on a "no cost" basis so your new loan is not costing you a dime in closing costs!

Should you have one a VA, RD, or FHA loan, contact me right away to see how much money I can save you each month!

After your loan has closed, I will remember you. You can always call me for advice or about anything you need help with. This is a people business, and helping people is what I do best.

Thanks for checking my profile.

Roger Howell My Blog My secure online application, 24/7 availability.

P.S. I'm always looking for ethical and honest people to work with, so if you are an ethical Realtor, Builder, Banker or any other profession, I would love to talk with you. Maybe I can refer honest and ethical clients to you.

Yes, it is! In Idaho, we have had the ability to provide the Reverse Mortgage Purchase Program, aka HECM for Purchase, for almost 2 years. The Reverse Mortgage for Purchase Program is similar to the traditional Reverse...
This just in, according to HUD Secretary Stevens, the Monthly Mortgage Insurance Premiums will increase on most FHA loans approx. .35%. The upfront portion of the Mortgage Insurance Premium will decrease 1% on all new FHA...

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