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Carlo Sanchez's Answers

Commerical Mortgage
What is your question? Do you live in Oregon?
foreclosure wait period
William hit it Dead on!! Good Answer.
Time frame - question attached this time ;)
Write it up again. Sometimes they take minute to show up.
Can I refinance an RD loan into an FHA mortgage?
Yes, it is possible but it may not be your best option and this is assuming by RD you mean Rural Development.Give me a call or email and we can discuss your situation. I am local and can help you, or at least answer some questions and run some scenarios. My Office is in Union Park and I live in Holladay.My Number...
does loan depot do harp 2.0
JoeMetzler and IBennet hit it RIGHT on the head with their advice!!
Fannie Mae 3.0 vrs Interest rate on 10 year note?
William Gave a GREAT answer in a simplistic language.

Yes, You can.
Are va-eligible borrowers only allowed one zero-cost home purchase?
Patrick answered the question very well. To add to his answer, you can aslo have a zero-cost VA loan, which is a separate then a Zero-Down loan, if the loan officer wants to raise the rate to cover any fees you may have to pay at closing. However, it is normal practice for the seller to pay all the closing...
My mortgage is owned by Freddi Mac (settlement date 5/12/2009.
Go to this website and look up your home will tell you if Freddie purchased the loan before 6/1/2009. If so, then contact a LOCAL lender to help you with it.
Can i do a cash out refinance with less than 20% equity in my home?
Yes! FHA allows it up to 85% LTV. Contact a LOCAL lender. I only lend in UTAH so if you know anyone needing financing in Utah my email is or 801-971-6901
90% or 100% LTV Options?
With the info provided you won't be able to do a conventional loan but possibly via FHA if you can can get a higher value. They allow a Cash out up to 85% LTV but there are some guidelines you will want to talk to a LOCAL Mortgage Lender. Another option is to find a local portfolio lender.
Does second home purchase usually involve higher rates or down payment?
The rate will be a little higher but not that much higher. The down payment will be more but, as with all loans, the rates are affected by how much you put down. The more you put down generally the better the rate.
Will the current reverse mortgage loan limits be extended into 2013?
The current limits are supposed to be available till October 1, 2013. Call a LOCAL Lender and they can help you with it but make sure you also talk to someone that has experience with Reverse Mortgages. I lend in Utah so please refer anyone you know that needs financing help to call me at 801-971-6901 or...
Is it possible to refinance two properties simultaneously?
Absolutely. Call me on my cell at 801-971-6901 or go to my website www.carlo.blueroof360.comThanks
Refinance after chapter 13
On a Chapter 13, FHA will allow only a 1yr of waiting period after discharge and a borrower's payment performance must have been satisfactory with all required payments made on time. a Chapter 7 is a two year wait period. Call a LOCAL lender, not a national company, and they will be able to help you...
where can i get a mortgage for $35,000.00 to purchase a house a house that is in forclosure. coost of house is $45,000.00
You could always go to a hard money lender or find a local bank that might have niche loan that does them.
Mortgage for new lawyer
You're fine to do an FHA loan with 30 days paystubs. Contact a LOCAL lender and get the process started when you hire on with the firm. Then when you have 30days paystubs you can complete the loan. Conventional loan you are going to need at LEAST 1 full year of work history or you can do what What...

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