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Mortgage Rate PA's Answers

Would I qualify, and if so, what would my monthly mortgage payment be?
Your payment is only off by $200.00 dollars. Have you talked with your mortgage professional or real estate professional to see if there is anything they can do to work with the seller to get this deal done? Good Luck,
If my house is being foreclosed, is it too late to sell it?
There is always time to try to save your home. If you have not already contacted a real estate agent who specializes in dealing with the banks. DO IT NOW!!! Also just as important contact a real estate attorney as well. They may be able to give you some time delaying techniques to save the home. Communication...
When can i rent out my FHA home?
12 months is a good rule of thumb. I would wait at least that long. The main thing is if there was a life event such as loss of job or any other major event you may be able to do it sooner but consult with your lender first. Good Luck,<a href="">Mortgage Rate PA...
Advice for a future homeowner?
Besides student loans what else do you have on your credit? Check out your credit report go to IS FREE only order one of the 3 and in December order another from one of the other major credit companies. Make sure there is nothing showing up that is not yours. Don't worry...
Trying to sell part of a ranch
Unfortunately I don't think the mortgage company would go along with it either. Is it a operating ranch bringing in money and he wants to sell off part of the business operation of the ranch? Or does he just want to subdivide the land and sell off portions that way? Good luck, if it is the business...

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