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Rocke Andrews's Answers

can i get a refi with a 590 credit score?
Credit requirement is not different though the underwriting may be tougher overall on a cashout refinance. FHHA allows csah out up to 85% of the appraised value.Rocke Andrews NMLS #182790. Fairway Independent Mortgage AZ Lic # 0904162520 514-4211
are there refi programs for low credit scores
Yes you can refinance with a low score. Main concern is that it will help your situation and that you have no lates in the last 12 months. You can also reduce principal if you have an underwater mortgage from 2009 or earlier.Rocke 520-886-7283
i am looking for commercial loan on 10 properties in LLC
Yes there are new lenders that will finance only on the rental properties- up to 80% loan to value. It would be one loan secured by all 10 properties.Loan would be made in the name of the LLC.Rocke Andrews520
Identity theft problems making our credit score go down. We want to refinance. HELP!!!
Call and we can address issues of identity theft as long as you have reported to authorities?Rocke AndrewsFairway Independent Mortgage 520 886-7283
Can I obtain a Mortgage 1 year after a bankruptcy discharge?
yesYou can do a purchase with 10% down and a 680 middle credit score. Lower score requires more down payment. This is a portfolio program so rates are higher.Rocke 520 886-7283
Looking to buy a fourplex for $285,000
Depending on debt you should be fine- Are you going to live there? Do you have3 any other savings or retirement?Rocke Andrews 520 886-7283
Mortgage Rates seem to be dropping pretty consistently...
No fixed rates are still the way to go- best is to do no points fixed and reduxe your term- the length of repayment.

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