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Believe in a more intelligent loan process.

The days of the transactional loan officer are numbered. So too are the days of getting preapproved "up to" a maximum amount. A preapproval, much like a credit profile, is as unique as one's fingerprint. A mortgage payment lasts a while, so know how it works. Only when a proposed scenario understood, can the loan process begin.

After an accepted offer, what's next? First, take a financial inventory. In other words organize all of your financial info, including W-2's, paystubs and assets. Here is a list of Do's and Don'ts to keep...

Closed loans are kept “under management.” If a program is released that stands to benefit a customer, both an email and phone call eventuates, ensuring optimal mortgage positioning.
Creating savvy borrowers is integral in credit-driven industries.

 A student of the business, Jeff’s resources keep him on the bleeding edge of mortgage programs and their eligibility. He leads his customers into the future of mortgage lending and actively trends mortgage-backed securities to empower borrowers with strategic interest rate locks.

 My team works extremely hard to make things look easy.

I advise consumers about all things real estate finance. If purchasing a house or refinancing, be sure to consider all options. There is a plethora of programs and greater number of pitfalls, for the improperly informed.

Ask for your mortgage to be added, for free, to my mortgages under management. If you haven't spoken to your loan officer in six months, the mortgage is considered abandoned. I am now accepting new customers with orphaned mortgages. Just as financial advisors manage assets, the management of your monthly obligations are vital to financial success.

We are also spearheading a program that allows banks and credit unions to lend on govy programs that are normally considered outside their risk tolerance. Keep your customers from entering the fray of 90+ day processing.

Call, or email me anytime.

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