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Marco Sepulveda's Answers

Are there any loans available out there for someone who is self-employed?
Yes you can purchase a home even if you are self employee,the onlu way i can do this is with a hard money loan.Will required a 30 to 40% down payment and a high rate,i can do it with no problem if you have 50% down.Please call me if you have any questions.My number is 925-207-4933,my name is Marco Sepulveda.You...
Is FHA The Best Option for Us?
Hi Paco.FHA is the only program available with a low downpayment.Also you i can find you a conventional lender with a 10% down ,but i will required a 680 fico and up.Please let me know if i can help you.My name is Marco Sepulveda,my number is 925-207-4933 and also you can e mail me at
PLease help me with "Origination Fee"
Please call me right now ,i can definitly give you a better deal than that and i will explain you why..Call me 925-207-4933.Thanks.
purchase a home by end of sep 09'
Hi i would like to know if you can come out with 20%down,because i have a program with no income verification.Also you will need 2 years of employment in the US.You have only 9 months,si going to be hard.please call me at 925-207-4933.Thanks.

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