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Patrick Munce's Answers

I need an FHA?
In my opinion,local Banks (maybe some Credit Unions) are your only real possibility if you need a mortgage. Depending on where around Flint you are, USDA (rural loan) is also a reasonable possibility. FHA is the actual probability. With the greatest respect, the credit score is an issue until it raised...
Refinance on my house
First off- I want to gain clarity on the program you have in mind... Q. Is the equity Minimizer you are referring to a Bi-Weekly Interest Savings Payment option that will allow you to save tens of thousands of dollars on interest payments on your loan and build equity much faster? -Or is it used for other...
When can I take advantage of the new government refinance program?
The real issue is not when you can apply.The real issue is when will the lenders that the mortgage brokers and banks use come out with their versions of policy (overlays) on these new loans. Until then the excitement is really on hold. The new rules should be sorted out
We bought a house on land contract w/balloon. When we look for a mortgage would it be considered - refinance or new purchase?
Good Afternoon Gwen-it can only be a refinance because the land contract (installment sale- the operative word being "sale") you entered into actually conveyed a "bundle of rights" to you called "equitable interest". As long as you continue to pay and meet the...
USDA Guaranteed loan program
on their own site, USDA states that the rural property direct and guarantee programs requires that the house be consistently "modest" .patrick munce 248-514-6560
Harp Lender for Investor with No Overlays.
However, size of loan and the collateral of the property types trump.Overlays are also important. there original loan placement for sale in the driver on your property total limits..If you'd like to discuss it, I may have a few options for you.Patrick Munce #440891 248-514-6560
Does anyone know a lender that works with fair/poor credit but good salary and 30% downpayment?
Good evening Sebzan- Perhaps, I can offer you free neighborly advice and the very resources you need for the best loan fit. if this could prove helpful, shoot me an e-mail Thank you very much for your time and consideration. All the Best- 2485146560
my Lender is out of business.
my loan was sold!
As long as you have been notified in a timely manner, your new servicer accurately lists your information, and you send in payments to the right address you should have nothing to worry about. Understand that both your old and new servicers must notify you about the transfer of your servicing rights no...
can i get a 30-yr fixed mortage on a lot? it's in a residental area.
Non-Owner, $12,000 down, 600 FICO
i live in West Bloomfield- Waterford-Union lake Area near Detroit MI.I have a lot of professional resources for you.I have been in Private lending/mortgage lending for over 30 years. I have a unique Real Estate Brokerage that specializes in working with Real Estate Investors. Please feel free to...

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