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Chris Ghaemi's Answers

Refinance Before OR After Marriage
You need to first determine if you need her income or not. If you don't, then do it now as I don't see the benefit of also obligating her for the new loan. My strategy has always been simple. Diversify and minimize the risk. In the event of emergency or unpredictable events where your mortgage...
How will stopping foreclosures nationwide affect mortgage rates?
Stopping foreclosures nationwide will not have a direct impact on the rates as unemployment data, Feds responses and other economical data might have. However, the laws of supply and demand will without a doubt create some interesting twists. First of all stopping foreclosures is not a government...
Does My Mother Need A Refi
Chances are the reason you cosigned for her was due to her special circumstances IE: limited income and credit so I don't really believe anything has changed since drastic changes typically don't happen to older clients. With that in mind, you probably would not be able to get your name off...

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